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  1. even then it should have an email? Is there a way of telling how someone signed up?
  2. How is this even possible?? I tried to create an account without an email and the software was having none of it
  3. Hi, how can I add the location field from peoples profile below their profile pic please?
  4. Experiencing a funny issue with this mate. Yesterday upgraded the forum(as you know) and the extra link we added to the navbar disappeared, I assumed it was down to the upgrade. Added it again yesterday, then today its disappeared again. When I go to the plug in all fields are blank. For some reason it just keeps wiping itself clean every few hours it seems
  5. No, I want to add new icons along the top for specific pages that I want made easier to find. I don't see options for that in the ACP under menu manager
  6. Hi, can someone tell me how I can add to the mobile menu please?
  7. One of the reasons I upgraded to IPS(amongst a million other reasons) was because my dated site desperately needed to be mobile responsive. 3 and a half months on and my listings are still showing as not being mobile friendly. I can click on 'your page is not mobile friendly', enter the URL on the subsequent page to confirm it is in fact mobile friendly however. Shouldn't I have seen a change in my listings this far along? The page title is showing the new title I set in IPS so it has obviously been reindexed?
  8. Activity feed, yes sorry. These reactions to posts is what I mean as seen in the screenshot. And yes they should not show. Ignore should be ignore. There must be a way to sort this?
  9. A user has pointed out to me that although he has a user on ignore he still see's the users reactions to things in the activity field. How can this be fixed please?
  10. Just installed. Where to I find this option above?
  11. Found, and changed from 63M to 2000M. Applied changes yet the forum is saying 63mb still. My host tells me the change should be instant. Is there something else I need to change?
  12. I would like to increase the size of the video but it appears its not responsive. Is there any css that can fix this?
  13. Can't find setting for this. In usergroups I have it set unlimited yet it wont allow anything larger than 64mb. Is there somewhere else I change this?
  14. Yep you're right, just uploaded one with no caps and it ran ok, however it doesn't look very neat.
  15. Thanks for building this Nathan, however its not working for me unless I am missing something. Player should automatically embed right?
  16. Also in the live meta editor, under description it has 'meta tag name', is this field just for my own reference?
  17. I'm slight confused the different between some of the fields in meta settings, wondering if someone could clarify the differences between a couple of things? I've already set the page title as you can see. In the next section what is og:site_name and where is it displayed? also we have an og:description. How is that different to the description in the drop down box? Thanks
  18. Yeah I see that...its the stuff amazons end im struggling with
  19. How can I make the search feature set to 'all content' by default. This is bugging my members, they just dont understand it, or assume it should be searching all content
  20. so do I have to have cloudfront along with s3?
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