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  1. It's just been reported to me that facebook log in isn't working. Upon testing myself I get this message The domain manager had no domains listed. Am I supposed to put my site URL in because I tried that and im still getting the same error. Any help appreciated
  2. Currently when I promote a post to facebook using the promote feature and select a load of images it creates an album on the page. I get a lot of image views but very low click through rate as clicking the images just opens up a slideshow on facebook. If I manually post a topic to facebook then manually add images beneath it creates a scrolling slideshow, clicking on these images link the user straight through to my forum. I have done a few of these manually and the CTR goes through the roof compared to the built in promote feature. Is there a way of doing this automatically, or is there likely to be in the future?
  3. I currently have my forum set up so all articles automatically create a corresponding thread. My question is how does google view this as regards duplicate content and is it likely to be damaging in anyway? Further to that, I have seen on some IPS forums where they have a facebook comments plug in enabled on articles. How would this work with the corresponding topic, would facebook comments show in the topic? I have had some success with posting articles to facebook but the bounce rate is high and im more likely to get comments on the facebook post than the article itself so im looking at ways to increase engagement, Thanks!
  4. thats the problem these days though isn't it...they don't have to. They just disappear off into facebook land instead and are never heard of again
  5. I think thats becoming the main demographic for all forums isnt it!
  6. I wonder if tapatalk are feeling the pinch like all other forums, hence the support lessening
  7. ughh, sorry you specifically said NOT an icon didn't you
  8. I use this plug in from @opentype which works well and should do what you want
  9. The sooner my users try to get to grips with mobile view and I can dump tapatalk the better. im having issues getting them to even upload the new version to itunes at the moment which is included in my support plan
  10. But why would anyone want to pay is the point. It has to be something very unique these days to get a subscription charge. I am in the process of developing such a feature on my site that is not available anywhere else but I am still not sure if I could get away without charging for it. Probably around 200 hours has gone into this project all in all and I can see myself ending up giving it away for free. I used to do very well out of viglink, even hit $1000 a month several times. That has pretty much dwindled down to nothing now, partly due to facebook eating away at traffic, but also I think they changed their payouts significantly as well.
  11. I was told to do this in google webmasters support forum specifically what would I have to put into this section please?
  12. Is anyone aware of a plug in that will work with IPS similar to this one please? https://www.voipfone.co.uk/plugin_browser.php needs to work from mobiles also
  13. that button was actually a plug in. I just checked and I had it set to show to all. changed it to selected usergroups only. is this going to be part of the core in 4.3 then?
  14. The whole things pretty confusing to me. Heres another thing I don't understand. I have a lot of access denied URLs which I am going through and checking. Heres one example... https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/93219-grass-box-sentinel-murray/?do=ignore&csrfKey=91b2d663abb9817f149e3cc849c2d70a what does the ?do=ignore&csrfKey=91b2d663abb9817f149e3cc849c2d70a on the end mean? The thread is in a publicly viewable forum, no reason why it shouldnt be read. If I delete the extension the thread loads just fine. Can anyone explain that for me please? I look to have about 60,000 of these with the similar do=ignore extension
  15. i've had a support ticket with yourselves regarding this, trying to get to the bottom of it, and yes that was my misunderstanding. Trying to account for the drops in traffic I am having in google and webmaster tools are quite complicated!
  16. Hoping to get some advice on this one. I have been digging around in google as my traffic has been dropping off for a long time, which I mostly put down to google. but it looks like I have a massive 480k pages being excluded from google due to redirects. I moved to to IPS in July last year and the redirects seem to all have worked so im not sure where the problem lies. I have also clicked some of the URL's that have been redirected assuming they were old, but they include recent topics started as little as a week ago. Desperately need to get to the bottom of this
  17. so i can basically make a txt file, name it Robots.txt and put that inside? Where should it be placed, public html?
  18. Urgent assistant required. Need to block URL's on my site. I have deleted them and requested google to remove them but according to google I need to add them to a robots.txt or metatags. Not sure I can do the second option as i removed the pages?
  19. Ok so just a little heads up in case anyone here is as stupid as me(unlikely), if you send out bulk mail that you want people to reply to make sure you change the email from no reply first ?
  20. the only language section I see is in the customization tab, but dont see any option to search strings?
  21. Hi, could someone please point me in the right direction where to change this text please?
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