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  1. Can you tell me what size I should resize them to so it looks normal in mobile view please?
  2. No I didn't resize them as I thought the software did it automatically...which it did for desktop view, just not mobile.
  3. Hi, I have just noticed I have this issue with category icons in mobile view
  4. As per title, is this possible?
  5. URLs seem to be redirecting fine from what i can tell from going on google. I have also made the change to https at the same time, which I understand was losing me google ranking...yet you are saying the opposite?
  6. fingers crossed! Been steadily losing google listings and traffic anyway the past couple years due to an antiquated vbseo plug in mostly. Hoping this turns that around at least
  7. Yep they knew, site was down for 3 days though so maybe thats impacting. Also i'm unable to send out bulk mail to let everyone know the site is back up because it doesnt work..still waiting for support to get back to me on that one!! sites reasonable size, 28,000 members and 1.5 million posts.
  8. Hi, I have my viglink code in place in the ACP. I assume this automatically applies to every page on the site, but I cant see any tracking information being displayed from the external ebay ads I have posted. Can you confirm if viglink from ACP will be tracking these please?
  9. thats what im trying to work out. Just went live a day ago after converting from vbulletin. Not sure if the members should can't handle the change or they are just getting used to it, or there is something else amiss, time will tell I guess.
  10. gotcha, so its basically an unfinished attempt at creating an account.
  11. InvisionHQ support has been second to none. I run several plug ins and not being the most internet savvy tend to post a lot of help requests which are always dealt with promptly. 100% satisfied.
  12. Thank you very much for the assistance, couldn't have been more helpful.
  13. Absolutely. My site has been down for 3 days now though whilst converting a big board from vbulletin, I just want to get it up and running. I fear upgrading now might throw up a whole load more issues with all the other plug ins
  14. V I have added several adverts on the front end. I just cant access the 'adverts' option in ACP to manage them.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I had it set like to not use their facebook name as in the image, and assumed they would HAVE to pick a username, but apparently not? So the only option if using facebook is to use your real name?
  16. I'm having a related problem to this where the images are just being displayed at full size rather than being reduced to fit. For example my Facebook cover photo which looks fine there is oversized and of poor quality on the forum. Is there a setting for this somewhere?
  17. Thanks! I will be upgrading to 4.2. Priority is just getting the site live though, been offline for 3 days now!
  18. I am trying to make some changes to the advanced footer, editing the quick links. After I edit and click save it shows up as saved. But then when I go back and look at the code nothing has changed. I am a bit of a luddite in general but am not doing anything wrong here. Dawpi is helping me with the conversion and the exact same thing is happening to him also. This board has just been moved from a dev folder to the home directory, not sure if that has messed anything up. Any suggestions please?
  19. Not sure how this is happening, but it is. I assume through facebook log in. Can't see any settings anywhere regarding this?
  20. Just converted my forums to IPS and having several teething issues, amongst them a problem with the classified. They seem to be functioning ok, but in the ACP I am unable to click on the adverts option, I am presented with this error OutOfRangeException: (0) #0 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/system/Member/Group.php(109): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord::load(NULL, NULL, NULL) #1 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/applications/classifieds/modules/admin/adverts/adverts.php(144): IPS\Member\_Group::load(NULL) #2 [internal function]: IPS\classifieds\modules\admin\adverts\_adverts->IPS\classifieds\modules\admin\adverts\{closure}(NULL, Array) #3 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/system/Helpers/Table/Db.php(421): call_user_func(Object(Closure), NULL, Array) #4 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/system/Helpers/Table/Table.php(466): IPS\Helpers\Table\_Db->getRows(NULL) #5 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/applications/classifieds/modules/admin/adverts/adverts.php(333): IPS\Helpers\Table\_Table->__toString() #6 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(97): IPS\classifieds\modules\admin\adverts\_adverts->manage() #7 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/applications/classifieds/modules/admin/adverts/adverts.php(26): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #8 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(129): IPS\classifieds\modules\admin\adverts\_adverts->execute() #9 /home/arbtalk/public_html/forum/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main} I have tried installing again which hasn't fixed ths issue. Any ideas please?
  21. Hi, I am having trouble getting this set up. I have gone through the guide on here over and over, which seems straight foward. but everytime I click to log in with facebook I get this message I have found the app domains field, but there is zero mention of adding anything to it on the IPS guide. Any suggestions where I am going wrong please?
  22. Is there a way to add a featured block here please? You're one step ahead of me, i see it looks like its in the new version, good work
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