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  1. 4 minutes ago, FZ said:

    One of my sideline gigs is to sell website hosting to help me pay for the server that my Invision community needs to run on. To manage that side of things I opted to use WHMCS to help me with the billing and it's been fine. I also tried using the built in Invision Servers feature which does a similar thing and it integrated pretty well with my WHM/cPanel software. 

    However WHMCS has now gotten greedy and they are now charging their license out based on the number of active clients each of their customers has. They are introducing changes on 1 July that have upset a LOT of their loyal customers, myself included. So I thought I would look at migrating my client base from WHMCS to Invision, but I see that there is a message in ACP advising that the feature is deprecated in 4.5 and will be removed in the next release. 

    This is sad because there is now an active need for a good solution for web hosting billing and this might be a great opportunity for Invision to provide that solution. 

    Maybe management can provide some input as to why they are removing it? 

    Interested in this. I now sell hosting on 3 separate servers so was looking for a billing option also, and noticed invision have stopped this. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Jim said:

    @Martin A. and @Steve Bullman,

    Afraid my knowledge of what the maps can and cannot do is limited, so maybe some form of restriction from entering a postcode, street name or physically dropping a pin? So this would force the user to only type in a town, city?

    However if that is possible, maybe consider some form of user group based permissions...

    For example I would want to restrict my members to protect their privacy etc, but I have Club Sponsors who as a business would want their exact location pinning and I would consider having pins for events/meeting locations etc.



    Ive just done more or less the same thing on my site with user based permissions.

    Regular guests and members get to see a map at a fixed location which is of no real use. To be able to zoom right in they need to upgrade.

    Image below is what regular members see. Enough to see theres something in their area but not enough to present any security issues.


  3. 1 hour ago, Martin A. said:

    That is something I want to do, but not sure how I can do that technically. 

    One thing that could be done it to add/remove a random number from the coordinates to intentionally misplace the marker. 

    The answers simple. Restrict the map zoom. Is there any real need for people to be able to zoom right in to see the very street someones on?

  4. 1 minute ago, opentype said:

    Yellow Pages and SuperDirectory are based on IPS’ Pages app. Think of them as a styling optimized for directories. You will not gain functionality as you would with an app that is specifically coded to be directory. 

    Yellow pages does say it comes with support for google maps though, so must be possible for search functionality to be added?

  5. I see theres map locations on here. Is there a facility to search links by geographical location? If not would you consider adding this function either as core or as a private job?

  6. Actually you might be able to ignore this. It doesn't appear to be linked, but I could swear when I looked 10 minutes ago one of the words was autolinked. Will screenshot if it happens to reappear


  7. Is there a way to override this on only certain pages? I have a series of pages databases that i want to hyperlink words from the forum topics to, but i dont want the same word on the database page to be hyperlinked to itself


  8. I have been given a quote by a developer to make an app that will get populate data from an IPS database or application. He is not an IPS dev but seems to think its not a problem. My question is, has anyone done similar, and if so are there any hurdles to overcome? I have had previous experience with apple and android apps and they would constantly break everytime iOS was updated. I am concerned a combination of that along with IPS updates might cause a lot of problems.

    I have in mind a couple of different apps. One of them would require a member to belong to a premium usergroup to access the data. This would obviously mean having to log into the app with their IPS username and password, and i'm hoping that it will also be doable to accomplish having this all sync up together.

    Look forward to your replies.

  9. I'm looking to add a new feature to my site that shows where freelancers/subcontractors are in the country. I would want it to be quite simple whereby the member can set their map and also include a couple fields showing their skillset. Would this app acheive this out of the box? If not, would you be able to do some private custom work to make it so?

  10. On 12/23/2020 at 1:06 PM, Adriano Faria said:

    I replied your topic on my board. You and the others, provide PayPal for a refund. I won't work on this anymore.

    Thats a massive shame, you were mostly there already werent you? 

  11. 23 hours ago, bfarber said:

    This sort of thing typically needs to be done at the server level for anything beyond a very small site. PHP will time out very quickly attempting to back up most databases.

    What method would you recommend please


  12. On 11/27/2020 at 7:47 PM, Jock3r said:

    If it isn't a managed server then you can set it up with a cronjob.

    BACKUPTIME=`date +%b-%d-%y`
    echo "Creating backup of database to $SQLDUMP"
    mysqldump --single-transaction --quick --databases forum | gzip -9 > $DESTINATION
    echo "Dump Zipped up"
    echo "Uploading zipped dump to the Amazon S3 bucket…"
    nice -n 10 ionice -c2 -n 7 s3cmd put $DESTINATION s3://cdn.myforumDB-backups/
    echo "Removing the backup file $SQLDUMP"
    echo "WooHoo! All done"

    And for files I have this

    BACKUPTIME=`date +%b-%d-%y`
    nice -n 10 ionice -c2 -n 7 tar -cpzf $DESTINATION $SOURCEFOLDER
    echo "Uploading zipped dump to the Amazon S3 bucket…"
    s3cmd put $DESTINATION s3://cdn.forum/Files-backups/
    echo "Removing the backup file $SQLDUMP"
    echo "WooHoo! All done"


    Thanks for this. The second part for the files, is this images etc? If so do I need to back these up beings as i'm using AWS for these anyway?

  13. Looking for a solution for automatic backups. Im moving my site across to a new VPS which only takes daily backups and only stores for one day. Would like to set something up where automatic backups can be made and preferably sent to a destination. Is this possible?

  14. Possible to remove the option for adding photos in the editor or will this affect the text editor globally?

    I get quite a high proportion of advertisers insert the images there instead of using the featured image button. 



  15. 7 hours ago, Rhett said:

    Very hard to do without a raw list of what is being used, as to be creative you need to know the words being used and the context. 

    True, it would render lots of things meaningless.


    Still it would be funny to change the c word to babe, and seeing members calling each other a total babe 

    51 minutes ago, GlenP said:

    In the end we just used 16 *s for all words we replaced. That destroys any chance of people inferring the meaning and thus it is impossible for members to get the context or get offended. IT has virtually stopped it now apart from 'jokes' copied over from other sources.

    This is actually a good idea, thanks

  16. Swearings getting a bit out of hand on my forum lately, probably due to everyone being bored out of their minds, frustrated, skint etc etc because of Covid.

    Haven't activated the swear filter up till now, but as the forum is for professionals and is widely visited by the public I think I need to do something.

    Rather than just replace words with ***** I thought it might be fun to replace them with alternatives, might make the posted second guess trying to beat the filter, specially if I cover all bases.

    Anyone care to put forward some suggestions?

    Needs to be subtle enough as to not make a mockery of the place


    c word - awesome guy

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