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  1. Hello seems this plugin after new update 4.1.19 not work can you update please? i using version adv tag & prefix 3.1.8 but when plugin is enable no show any prefix or tag. if disable then show standard tag
  2. hello the demo link in page product " Click here for demo!" not work can you provide demo link correct? there is new version with fix bugs? thanks
  3. Hello i want modify mail theme for commerce, when customer buy product from commerce he receive this mail, but i want add some written and link need modify theme mail : Transaction Approved ? or this mail theme is other ? thanks Hi XXX, Thank you for your order at Forum. Your payment has been received and approved. — Forum Order #2725 View Order NEW description + new link
  4. Hello im interested in buy your theme only 1 question, if i buy and install on my site this will no broke my theme currently right? im not using default theme IPB but theme bought here in store. Thanks
    Great work!!! work correclty with last version IPB thanks
  5. Hello is possible have one or more users with more groups? now default in Invision 4.1 i can have only primary group and secondary group. i want have example user1 : primary group + secondary group + third group + fourth group + fifth group user2 : primary group + secondary group + third group user 3: primary group this why i want modify permission on downloads and sections forum with groups . example primary group can enter only in general forum but not in dedicated forums. and can download files only from category 1 in download. if anyone knows how to do, please contact me privately or post here. or you can make a plugin I can pay for it. thanks
  6. ok thanks for answer. you maybe have link where i can see best settings for php 5.6? currently i using this php version but have migrate on new server and want check if all setting was correct. Thanks
  7. Hello looking guide or info setting for php 7. and ipb support php 7? Thanks
    its work good for my theme and plugin work good too
  8. Hello i have invision power 4.1 and want know how can lock region for new users? example one user from XXX country cant register new account because i have set from XXX country my site is not available or if there some plugin thanks ok nothing find plugin
  9. Hello can you check pm please i need fix and update on module gate2shop


  10. ok thanks i will you build plugin on request ? thanks
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