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Downloads posted by Callum MacGregor

  1. $5.00

    Support Ticket Notifications

    I personally really like the support ticket system in Commerce, however one thing that has always annoyed me is that users don't get notifications when a staff member replies to their ticket.
    This application will notify the user (either by inline notification or email, depending on their settings (defaults to inline)) that their ticket has had a reply and will take them to it if clicked.

    19 purchases   30 downloads

       (3 reviews)


  2. $10.00

    Nolt.io Integration

    This application will allow you to integrate seamlessly with Nolt.io, with the option of having a modal dialog. Includes Single Sign On integration so your users can post feedback and reports without having to make a new account at Nolt.io.
    Nolt.io is a modern user feedback & suggestions app with:
    Issue down and up voting A roadmap Markdown support Single Sign On Custom branding Board privacy Duplication detection Email reports  
    Make an account at Nolt.io and create your SSO key Install the app in admincp Visit the Nolt Integration settings and enter your SSO key, and your board name (for e.g. if your board is https://awesomeboard.nolt.io then enter awesomeboard) Enter the menu manager in admincp and create a Nolt.io Link and place it wherever you want in your menu. There is also a basic widget if you'd prefer to use that.

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  3. $5.00

    SparkPost Email Integration

    This application will re-enable SparkPost emails over REST API.
    Install the .tar application via the admincp Setup the SparkPost API Key via admincp -> Settings -> Email Settings Send a test email to make sure its working and off you go!  

    8 purchases   22 downloads

       (1 review)


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