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  1. yeah...awesome thing. Please develop for IPS 4
  2. Ok, I tried this. It works fine absolutely fine when used local file system. I created a new file location for profiles, and they go there with an url /uploads/profiles. Problem comes when I am using this with amazon s3 and cloudfront, the files doesnot move to mybucket/profiles. Instead it goes to a common folder with other images. Then, I tried defining a new s3 upload location for profiles by creating a subfolder within the existing s3 bucket as mybucket/profiles. Now the images moved to desired folder. But my profile images were all broken. Upon inspecting the link to images, I found that it still points to the old url, where images are not there . So, my profile pictures are now at mybucket/profiles and correct cdn link should be cdn.domain.com/profiles/monthlyxxxx/image.jpg The above link loads the profile image when checked in a new browser. But my profiles are still pointed to cdn.domian.com/monthlyxxxx/images.jpg, where images are no more. And this leads to broken image. Finally couldn't achieve this and got back to the local file system.
  3. How do I filter out only profile images and background images. They dont have specific name. Even to be more complex we have different size of avatars that are getting complex
  4. Please help. When I look for images indexed by google for my site, I find lots of members profile images and profile backgrounds on google image search. A Lot of members will be unhappy about that. How to prevent indexing profile images and background pics. Please help.
  5. Thanks Guys, I just hope IPB takes this development seriously. @Lindy
  6. I don't know if it's happening with me or it's a bug. Google + share only share the url and nothing from my site. It's same for this site! So, I assume it as a bug. But facebook share is behaving ridiculously on my pages and forum posts. After posting a new article, If go to share, this is what the popup window gives. Even after sharing the post only the url is shared. Now, I go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/ and see 'existing scape information, I get this:- Then I go for ' fetch new scrape information'. Now I have this :- Please see the errors and that no image is scaped. So, again I 'fetch for new scrape information'. This time the result is :- What is this madness. Please help help help
  7. You, actually are underestimating the blog functionality. People are dying to getting a forum to getting linked to wordpress blogs!! They don't wanna migrate, simply because no one with a forum provides a full blog functionality. One your IPB has that, you will see lots of interests into it. In my case, I am with IPB only because of some resemblance with a blog.
  8. how to achieve canonical url in seo? google is indexing http://thedoc.org/articles/?page=1 http://thedoc.org/articles/?page=2 they are just pagination of /article page. Arent they supposed to do the canonical rel automatically. Now these are causing duplicate title issues. Need help please
  9. Why do I have duplicate titles? I am using articles as my front page. Do I need to redirect articles to home page too?
  10. I second to that. Just naming a blog and releasing a higher version doesn't make IPB better. P
  11. what should be ideal robots.txt for IPS 4.1.8. I stil don't use one. I will appreciate all help
  12. I don't know if it's with me only. After enabling FURL and all other things still I have following issues Google is indexing long ugly urls too e.g., thedoc.org/?app=core&module=system&section... Duplicate title warning for the following Help from experienced gurus?? Regards
  13. How do I customize where to show up the Flags?
  14. While I have successful in integrating facebook and twitter, google account login gives an error. The error appears at final stage of login. Once you login to google , it asks to allow the permissions. Thereafter it redirects to login screen and shows the following error. Please help me. site : http://thedoc.org
  15. all my urls show a / at the end. e.g., site.com/forums/ why this is so? Is there any way to get site.com/forums ?
  16. When I do 'fetch as google' - I see 301 permanent redirect of the page /discover ? Why so?
  17. Thanks, it actually looks odd...but is there way to change the title of this topic ? #charles can someone add ( Not actually ) to the topic title? @Charles
  18. ....and you know the imprecations of getting marked " this site may hav been hacked'' will do that...thanks
  19. May be I have been too jumpy!!! But hw come google detects it as injection????
  20. I'm actually disappointed very much. Moved from wordpress and BBpress to IPB, with a hope. Spent $200 and worked on it for last so many days. Implemented all security measures as advised. Today suddenly I noticed a warning in Google search result as your site may have been hacked. To confirm I reached google webmaster tools, and this is what I get So disappointing !!! worked on wordpress for so long on various sites! Didn't face any issues Now please tell me what's the hope to continue putting in effort in IPB?
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