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  1. @Adriano Faria please don't get offended by the fixed word. I have done some CSS changes to look it like this for time being. By I request you to increase question limit in next release, so that it can be used as test series. I am waiting eagerly for that.
  2. Happy New year @Adriano Faria Need a template edit badly to get viewpoint fixed. Also feel the need of limit of questions to 200/300 or unlimited. P;ease reply if you have any plans
  3. wow wow wow, Perfect release. @Adriano Faria my last wish is: template modification to hide out of viewpoint issue when added lots of questions and increase limit of questions to any desired numbers Regards
  4. @opentype I edited it little to appear in the blocks thanks for this nice styles
  5. that will be better. Mistakes happen. And once someone creates a whole quiz, shouldn't stuck on time
  6. @Adriano Faria even if the quiz is not taken by anyone, once questions are added, I cannot change the time for the test. By mistake set the time as five mins, now cant change
  7. Also there is no delete option for a specific question at Manage Question and Answers @Adriano Faria
  8. Looks like I cannot edit/ modify questions of a quiz which I added yesterday. Many members have taken the quiz till now, and found a few typo. Tried correcting them, but it doesnot save only. Tried clearing cache
  9. It would be wrong if I ask for everything from a newly launched app. Take your time. May be by then I will manage with the style in mobile for this But please understand, adding more question is important as it would greatly increase the versatility of the app please give a look at this once
  10. when added 30 questions it went extended out and beyond the view point. In my opinion all question numbers in the top is not essential to show all the numbers. These can be curtailed to look like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9..30 Results. presently looks like
  11. Dear Adriano, Found an issue here. I have this on my category image settings. Still cannot upload image. Tried changing the image dimension settings. It reverts back to default automatically
  12. why the Manage Questions & Answers section overlaps like this?
  13. I can sense, its going to be an amazing thing What is the size of image to upload in the quizz itself? it says error while uploading
  14. its essential becoz, without that featured posts cannot be recognized on blocks.
  15. i meant custom blocks it works on articles front page, but i thought I would get it on blocks too
  16. can it show videos from youtube?
  17. cannot get the featured badge on custom blogs. Badly needed this see this http://thedoc.org
  18. can anyone help? I want to change from http://thedoc.org/quizzes/submit to http://thedoc.org/tests/submit but after editing FURL i find http://thedoc.org/quizzes/tests/submit
  19. Guys...can someone help me to get the color of only a single menu button changed?
  20. http://thedoc.org/quizzes/category/3-plab-test-series/ is there a way to get rid of the category word in slug?
  21. Love you @Adriano Faria we run a medical site. to run a test series actually we need minimum of 50 questions per quizees and may be upto 200 or 300 I personally feel that I shouldnot request you this just after a release? But anyway do you have this in your mind in for any future ? I would be grateful
  22. @Adriano Faria Updated the quiz. But my questions per quiz is still limited to 15 only. Request for future versions: questions per quiz upto 50 questions picture questions
    Excellent app. Just waiting for few improvements
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