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  1. Yes...we need to be fast now. Rather than adding new features everyday, we need to focus on this
  2. while joing an open group, people need to first click Join, and thereafter submit at the bottom of the request from. Often members do mistake thinking nothing has happened keeps clicking join group again and again. Request, for open group they should directly be joined once they click the Join group button
  3. will that be same here too?
  4. A general observation. When the member is going to play quiz, time is shown in minutes and seconds. But results are always in seconds like 388 seconds 3000 seconds. It looks better when more than 60 seconds is broken in minutes and seconds
  5. Once a member plays till the end, he reads the answers. When he plays thereafter, he knows the answer already. So, the next high scores really doe snot judge his achievement. This is from my own experience in the app. For example look into my quiz example here This quiz has 30 tough questions In the first attempt people are achieving 60/ 70%, but in later games most of them are scoring 100%. Really doesn't seem good.
  6. I sent a PM for you @Adriano Faria, I doubt if you are getting it
  7. Adriano, I was thinking about that. May be before starting it, there be two modes Study Mode Quiz mode In study Mode, there is no time bar, members can answer the question, and the correct answer and explanation/info regarding that question is displayed. Also there is a bar chart displaying where did he stand in comparison to other people. Quiz mode is same as displayed now. @Adriano Faria can we work for this customization? It remains on store here and I pay extra for customization?
  8. Also, I cant see the image thumb for a group in mobile view https://www.thedoc.org/gc/cat/1-study-boards/
  9. Can I/site admin, add members manually to a group, without sending invitation?
  10. Request: Compatibility with Group Collaboration When a member takes a quiz twice, his score should be recorded only once or the first time
  11. For @Unlucky My users have been seen hugely attracted to it. Though I have used it for slightly altered purpose. Believe me its awesome, and great support. A link to my tests https://www.thedoc.org/quizzes/quiz/6-plab-mock-2-30-questions/
  12. you can see what it can do here also. You have to register for that https://www.thedoc.org/quizzes/quiz/6-plab-mock-2-30-questions/
  13. hmmm..... but the title itself is a question. some tricky questions need explanation. Anyway thanks
  14. ohh... I will wait till next update...:)
  15. Adriano, the question is partially cut because of some character limit?
  16. Wow... thanks thanks thanks
  17. is it me or everyone? all images in IPS seems broken
  18. is there any edit to change to 180 mins for time being?
  19. Adriano, I am using it both as quiz as well as test series. Having a education website a test series helps people to practice just like the exams. Your app gives me everything for that. Only requirement is 300 questions and time upto 180 mins. Please dont laugh at me but medicos are used to this kind of tests Do you use cloudfront and s3? If yes change the storage settings to s3
  20. When you release Please make it 300 for max or higher if you feel. I would be really grateful
  21. Recently I migrated to IPB cloud. Now they dont allow editing files have to wait until you release next version
  22. Another suggestion for future versions: can we have: you have 30 Questions in 04 Minutes and 24 seconds to complete this test
  23. I added the following to custom CSS .cQuizSteps > li:not(.cQuizSteps_active), .cQuizSteps > li span::before, .cQuizSteps > li span::after, .cQuizSteps > li a::before, .cQuizSteps > li a::after { display: none; }
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