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  1. This would be some seriously powerful relational database work.... Love the idea.... and usefulness if it automatically overlaid the text..... I wonder if anyone has a made a third party website that could enable this ...?
  2. #1 I did.... the 2nd one I'm not sure how to do.... Is that in "designer's mode" area?
  3. I tried version 1... it was the one with the above problem. Version 2 was the one that won't install / upgrade at all.
  4. Unable to get to work on www.TheWorldNewsMedia.org. whatever page I add it to... that page won't load anything... just a blank screen. .... update .... it is now showing on this screen https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/online/ however the name is messed up and the numbers don't show... Any help?
  5. Since most people on my forum land on a topic..... wouldn't it be more helpful to see # of views and currently viewing on the actual topic post header or footer? I do like that it exists in the forum lists.
  6. This is a great step. Now what would really get me excited is if video acted more like they do on Facebook, Twitter etc.... upload and VIEW.....rather than upload and VIEW A LINK to the video file I just uploaded. just sayin' ...... I can just feel these forums catching up to social media...... Facebook is going down... How can we buy stock in IPS, inc.?
  7. It seems the forum world is the last to get this.... but as FB has now trained the world.... Threaded replies are almost now a necessity. Anyone working on a prototype for how this could work over there?
  8. Great discussion everyone. My forum changed out of my subdomain to http://www.theworldnewsmedia.org May I also add another want / need? Please embrace threaded discussions. One of my users refers to forums as "slow and clunky".... and when I compare them to real time discussions on social media or spot.im etc.... I think that is a vital change that must be made.... People want instant....as in the ability for you to see that I am typing this reply... and It should be threaded ;-) I think this is mostly being done via ajax nowadays? Correct me if I am wrong. Spot.im seems to be able to do all of this as an add-on to any website without compromising SEO.
  9. Now that FB and other social media have embraced threaded discussions and this type of forum is considered "slow and clunky" (as one of my users called it) are there now any plans to update IPS 4.1.x with a threaded discussion option? My forum at www.TheWorldNewsMedia.org could REALLY use it ....
  10. I agree that forums will always be around. I don't want to give in to social media... just make forums equal when it comes to tools and ease of use. These forums have already done 80% of that compared to forums of the 1990's. Let me know what you think of forum.theworldnewsmedia.org I would like to see it grow into something huge... but that would take more logistics than I personally know how to do. I also hate Facebook.. and Reddit just seems too "messy" for me.... I do like the fact that their users can create their own categories (groups, pages etc.) in order to form their own communities. I haven't figured out how to make that happen yet.
  11. I view my future competitor as Reddit…. I have been thinking of some features that would make this IPS equal to and superior what is out there now…. Users should be able to start their own categories. (Not sure how this would be done… but Reddit seems to have it worked out) This is becoming a major reason why I think forum traffic isn’t growing as fast as it once was. Videos uploaded to forum posts should auto expand and be similar to how video is on Facebook and Twitter etc…. instead of just a file uploaded for others to download. (I know Gallery does this however it is separate from the forum) Audio posts should play similarly …. people like the idea of audio commenting on a post as well. Messaging between members needs to have more a Facebook Messenger feel… almost an IM feel rather than post and reply….. I believe forums will one day supersede social media….. once people begin to see the advantage of topic based conversation rather than the firehose news feeds. The problem is that forums haven’t innovated to make photo and video sharing as easy as social media has. If there is one company that can do it… I’m betting on you guys. I know I’m asking a LOT…. But if we worked together… and I get a new URL… we could create something to rival Reddit… and eventually even conquer the titans. I would love to hear your thoughts… Take care, Michael
  12. Yes. I thought of that. Hmmm.... Reddit is a mess but I wonder how they managed "subreddits" creation correctly?
  13. What do you think of allowing members the ability to create subcategories in addition to topics? Has anyone ever been able to do that? What do you think of the idea?
  14. Is it just me or is this question still valid? I still see no way to for members to post status updates.
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