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  1. Very subtle indeed. Thanks @Matt for showing how to enable it. I didn't know that.
  2. This could be a HUGE benefit to a worldwide audience like mine. Thx for mentioning.
  3. Yes please. Small things like this make a HUGE difference in site feel.
  4. Ok.... let me give up on asking for a count PER POST.... and I would even settle for the TOPIC views count being visible on the actual topic and not ONLY on the topic listings in the forum page/list. Anyone else on here that would like that?
  5. @All Astronauts .... any thoughts on showing total # of views of a post as well?
  6. @Adriano Faria - It automatically doubles the amount of users on the platform. Possibly due to IP address lookup?
  7. I am glad they are working on this... Very important to stay relevant in the age of apps. All the eyeballs are going toward easy apps. Our mobile sites had better become easier faster or we will all be irrelevant very fast. Sort of like Google Groups is now.
  8. Yes... this feature could use an overhaul. Plus a filter option that shows a view by most visited current topic by who is online currently. Let me also repeat myself from another topic.... people want to see how many view their topics have received while looking at their posts. They don't want to have to go up to the forum and scroll to see their topic to see the number. We need to develop for what the USER wants as well.
  9. Bring the breadcrumb back please... I love Fluid view personally but always have to revert back to the flat view when I want certain forums only. PLEASE!!
  10. As a follow up.... This developer has created something that shows which members have viewed a topic. Couldn't something be made internally that show total views by everyone including guests? And in the case of those like @opentype that don't want it they can not enable the function.
  11. I think this is a great idea for a plugin. I have mentioned before on the IPS support chat that posters need to see how many times thier posts have been viewed by everyone. Is there anyway that this counter could also show # of guest views per post on the actual post itself? Thanks in advance.
  12. Twitter seems to think all the "topics" are worthy of stats. How do they deal with stats and bots? We have to think about what the end users like generally (our customers) and not what we technical people dislike or find challenging. A simple Web 1.0 forum like ours with flat topic and post still has users who want to see their post's popularity (not necessarily the topic) or else why would IPS have included "reactions" five years after FB introduced them? Quora is in essence a forum. A Q and A forum... but a forum nonetheless.
  13. Is there anything in the works for this? Notice I used the word "Post" and not "Topic"... since we can already see on the forum list the number of views per topic. (by the way... that should also be viewable on the actual original post view as well) Does anyone know of an app that will already do this? Quora has implemented it as well as Twitter Here is an example: Any ideas?
  14. Instagram just started Threaded replies. The public demands it. Forums that stay flat are too small for the modern masses. IPS has ALMOST all the ingredients to launch a counterattack.... but alas it is moving too slow in responsive mode. I don't blame them.... keeping up with the apps is difficult (an understatement) Let me also add that the modern masses demand an app. We are still stuck with only a web interface. Until Android and IOS decide to make their browsers FULLY functional... people will still prefer the "cache" effect of an app.
  15. Is anyone else experiencing a bug where normal embedded links from other IPS topic posts do not "render" correctly now? The 2nd post on this topic is an example: https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/topic/6005-genesis-4/?do=findComment&comment=7736 I think the links would normally "auto-expand".... and in this case it now does so with the entire mobile site but making the link unobtainable. The video uploads are playing nicely though ;-)
  16. I can visit and view their post from a link in an email..... once I click on the website to go visit another article it prompts me to sign up or login. Does anyone know of something like this for IPS?
  17. This seems easy to do... and potentially very powerful.
  18. Thank you @newbie LAC the code seems to be working flawlessly.
  19. I use it in the PHP TXT widget where other scripts and HTML usually run without problem.
  20. @MDPP that didn't work either... thanks for trying though.
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