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  1. YouTube now has "Dark Mode" We need something similar .. and to be clear... yes... we could have a separate theme.... But doing a world class job would mean a button that people can toggle like Twitter and YouTube.
  2. More control on the default stream as mentioned above would be great!
    Thank you. Very much needed. Thank you again. ps - If you ever get time to add something to this... 😉. Consider the ability to block everything in a particular club I can block certain pages in a club but not the entire club yet... something about how the topic URLs are structured I think.
  3. The problem flared up again this evening. Is this part of the Emergency maintenance you guys are performing? It can't be just my forums experiencing this....
  4. I have had this same problem. We need more granular control. Create entire clubs where google doesn't agree to advertise there. Disable certain pages that Adsense has a problem with. And it needs to be very reliable. Preferably integrated into the actual software core. If we don't get this soon... I can foresee entire sites starting to go down. Google continues to get stricter......
  5. Thank you @Lindy Phew! Glad everything was not lost. (That is what keeps me up at night) ;-)
  6. Follow up... 4 hours later... thousands upon thousands of the same email repeatedly sent.... the entire site and ACP crashes. Wow.... can I delete this entire thread? The Title now is somewhat ironic isn't it? LOL
  7. Is it just me ... or do I remember being promised more control over where my ads are placed? I specifically want to have certain clubs have zero ads and also no ads on the registration page etc.... I cannot find the references to this promise anywhere? Or is it just me? @The Old Man?
  8. This is not good news..... as someone who was about to start using the wiki more..... Maybe I should hold off ?
  9. I jinxed myself.... No sooner did I write the above when I enabled Lazy Load ..... A member posts an image in a club..... I am on email #2000 as of two hours later and the lazy load transition stopped at 43%. Ugh. This a week after the upgrade failed. Well.... maybe once the email providers take me off their blacklists in 4 years I might find some success again. It was a nice attempt at a smooth upgrade process.
  10. I think you all nailed it overall. queues the applause etc.... --------------- Now for the next release... my priorities would be... Night Mode - I've posted a few times about this one Granular advertisement control down to the page, club, blog level. Wiki and Pages PER CLUB. and the mother of all releases... a Progressive Web App. If I think of more... I'm sure I'll post it in here But thanks for 4.4..... it is a big step in the right direction.
  11. I just noticed Twitter now offers it. I posted this twice because I forgot about this thread
  12. A Toggle button on the top of the website for both types of users would be AWESOME!! Please IPS.... add this to the wish list for the upcoming year. Those that don't want it ... don't have to enable to the toggle.
  13. Kind of a workaround... don't love it... but I feel I solved the lack of a "Chat" system AND also added a THREADED reply section by adding Disqus to my site topic pages. It is "real-time" and threaded... I'm sure there is a downside to doing this however....
  14. oh my God!!! that would be SO AWESOME..... Is this rocket science? One can only hope ....... I wish I was younger and smarter to take such tasks on myself....
  15. Clarification on my earlier post... I do not expect there to be some video chat enabled anytime soon.... and I wouldn't want it to replace chatting. But the text chatting needs to be real time like messenger.... My point was that the world has sped up.... and it's not slowing down... the FUTURE is probably more like Marco Polo... and less like 1997 clunky post and response that takes 30 seconds to populate....
  16. How about we do it right.... and make all personal messages in "real time" so that chat is no longer even a thing. Think messenger on Facebook. The world has sped up.... Oh.. while we are over here discussing speeding up 1997 level personal messages.... Marco Polo app is going viral and will threaten even Facebook. (unless they sell out to FB?) Video chatting is taking over the world. We are all behind the 8 ball and just trying to keep up. p.s. - I don't think text messaging will ever go away.... BUT... there is no need for the DELAY in text messaging.... speed it up like messenger did.
  17. Even the simple wiki function that Pages has now ... but for each club would be awesome. I know Pages can so much more though...
  18. I kinda need this like yesterday 😯
  19. Anyone have any historical perspective on how long it usually takes IPS to roll out a beta... to when us non-beta users will be able to upgrade? Are you all thinking March? June? Just curious.
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