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  1. The Protecting Lawful Streaming Act of 2020 is a United States law that makes it a felony to engage in large-scale streaming of copyright material. ... The CAA passed the house and the senate on December 21, 2020, and was signed into law by President Donald Trump on December 27, 2020.


    The bill specifically targets commercial or for-profit websites that operate as "digital transmission service[s]", that primarily function to stream copyrighted material without authorization of the copyright holders.[3]

    An example of one such website is NFLBite. The website provides its visitors with unauthorized sources that stream National Football League (NFL) games for free. The NFL has taken NFLBite to court through civil lawsuits in attempts to stop their streaming of full NFL games, but are unable to seek criminal charges due to limitations of U.S. copyright law.[4] The bill adds to Title 18 of the United States Code that would make operating these sites a criminal felony, with a maximum penalty of up to ten years imprisonment, and additional fines if convicted.[1] This brings the act of offering such unauthorized streaming media at a large scale to the same scope of penalty as for offering illegal downloads or physical copies of the same content, closing the streaming media loophole.[3]

    Tillis stated that the bill is tailored to specifically target the websites themselves, and not "those who may use the sites nor those individuals who access pirated streams or unwittingly stream unauthorized copies of copyrighted works".[3] Tillis' office and the tech advocacy group Public Knowledge clarified that the bill was not aimed at video game live streamers on platforms like Twitch, or their viewers.[4] 

    - Wikipedia

    Next question..... who wants to be the guinea pig to find out what happens when your next user uploads some video or photo from a well connected author?   

    I posit that the chilling effect is already happening.

  2. The "Protecting Lawful Streaming Act"

    Have one user post a few short videos from a publisher with a friend in Law Enforcement and you could go to jail?

    What about 2 copies of a magazine that the user considers fair use but the publisher disagrees. Jail for the forum owner? Felony offenses?

    Is the enjoyment of being a forum owner no longer worth the potential risk?


    Or am I overreacting?

  3. Let me just add that the most important perspective for ALL of us should be the user's perspective. 

    Invision and I are partners in this venture...... we should care about how our user's feel.... not so much how we feel.

    Can you imagine going to your Facebook post from 3 years ago only to find out you can't edit it or even reply to it because Mark Zuckerberg decided to "archive" it on you?

    That is so 1996.

    I understand the need for archiving huge sites over time....... and by that I mean I would (as a user) not complain if Yahoo Groups archived posts from like 10-15 years ago.

    but posts within a decade should be fair game.

  4. I would not call my website a large site at all...... (AND I pay Amazon for their S3 buckets for storage.....)

    Will I wake up next month to find out there is a maximum amount of posts on any website or club?

    And I noticed my search function isn't keeping up to date for the first time today.....


    How are we supposed to eventually compete with the giants if we can't even support our tiny websites.

    What a disappointing journey this online publishing business has become.


    I'm glad I'm slowly exiting the business.  Anybody else in my shoes?

  5. 11 hours ago, Morrigan said:

    Everyone does realize that Google's # of views is different than actual number of views (that IPS calculates, and therefore is different than google's number of views and people are constantly upset about) which makes the number completely irrelevant right?

    Sure My tik tok video gets X number of views but the only time they count is when its a "full" watch..... which neither google nor IPS can say is accurate because they can't tell you if the user is reading the whole thread (thus Google's bounce rate.....)

    Honestly views is about as useful as.... NM that was a really dirty joke I shouldn't say but views aren't useful to an end user. All it says is that someone clicked on their post not that they read it.

    Not useful... but motivational.... to users

    I could have a very well punctuated, grammatically correct, and informational post about bean seeds in China that could be useful to 10 agricultural people in Kansas.

    Or I could make $10,000 on one post that some horny teenager posts of Kim Kardashian's derrière. 

    I honestly forgot the point I was trying to make with this post.... but I'm sure it's relevant.... somewhere.

  6. I think users go by views...  Are they imperfect. Yes. 

    But in comparison to "Day it was most popular"..... it's a no brainer. What motivates a user to post? To be seen.... what metric is "closest" to that motivation? # of views.


    Is Google Analytics better.... sure. I trust their numbers more. Can I share those numbers to motivate users on a per topic basis? Not that I know of.

    So I'll take what I can get. 


  7. On 10/3/2020 at 11:00 AM, Runar said:

    You don't need a plugin to show the number of views in the topic summary. Simply add the following four lines to the theme file forums > topics > activity:

    <li class='cTopicOverview__statItem ipsType_center'>
    	<span class='cTopicOverview__statTitle ipsType_light ipsTruncate ipsTruncate_line'>{lang="views"}</span>
    	<span class='cTopicOverview__statValue'>{number="$topic->views" format="short"}</span>

    Insert the code on line 18, and the number of views will be shown next to the number of replies:


    Thank you SO much!!!

    And to think it would be SO simple for them to have included this..... 4 little lines of code. Sigh.

    And they would probably have a blog post about how they are releasing a "new feature!" .... 

  8. 1 hour ago, Adriano Faria said:

    They’re right:

    ...”we'dlove to accommodate every request vs an on/off setting, I'm unsure why there's a limited perception that we strip things out just to alienate folks. The reality is, everyone has their own "thing" and unfortunately, accommodating them all leads to a bloated management interface, increased development time via implementation, maintenance, etc. -- a "simple" setting doesn't seem like much on an individualized basis, but cumulatively it adds up”...


    "Accommodate everyone"'s requests?  

    So you would have us believe that the majority of Invision users decided that the "Day a certain post was popular" was MORE USEFUL than "Total # of views" on a new TOPIC SUMMARY feature they rolled out with fanfare? 

    Why do I doubt that?

    And you support this view by posting and example of a user asking for each post to be numbered? (which is obviously unique request)


    At this point no admin / user should ask for ANYTHING because the answer could always be: "We can't accomodate everyone's requests" .....

    "Umm .... sorry sir but italics aren't used by everyone..... you'll need a dev to enable that"


  9. On 9/7/2020 at 7:35 AM, Matt said:

    I don't think that number of views is a particularly useful metric and doesn't reflect how beneficial the topic may be.

    Also, which guest page caching, the topic view isn't entirely accurate and will only accurately count member (logged in) views.

    Agreed. I will call ALL the major social media and forums and let them know that this thing called "# of views" is useless and they should consider removing it from their platforms.

    We all really wanted to know what day a certain topic was popular.

    gordon ramsay yes GIF by Masterchef

  10. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple and saw them going down the old/wrong path....

    the first thing he did was get rid of 95% of their product lineup.


    My point being that IF lots of plugins etc... are inhibiting real progress..... guess what painful thing HAS to be done?

    @breatheheavy  This doesn't have to be rocket science.... a PWA could handle most of these websites as just a framework.


    The current push toward native apps 7+ years too late is just a distraction.

    That would be like Intel deciding it's going to go into the spinning HDD business in 2020.

  11. This is 2020.

    The app argument was settled years ago.

    Good luck getting any market penetration now.


    The truly funny part is Invision now insisting on the old native apps rather than the future PWA's.... SMH.

    Good thing I don't use Invision to run a real business. Hobby is about where it will always stay.


    That would be similar to Sears saying right now: "We've decided to try selling stuff online like Amazon instead of through our Catalog"


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