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    Amazing App. If your gaming community uses Discord this is a great way to network your website and Discord together. What this App does for your community is keeps your users informed without them actually having to check a website constantly. Essentially, if you wanted, you could turn discord into a one-stop-shop for communication outside of video games. Remember, an informed gaming community is a healthy gaming community. Also worth mentioning that the support for this App is really good. Was really excited to see Calendar Events as a new feature when I went to update the App today.
  1. Something simple like %poster has just posted a calendar event in %calendarName: "%eventTitle". Read more: %link was what I was thinking. Perhaps you can choose what discord channel the message gets sent to from the Add Event menu or have a preset default discord channel for individual calendars under Community < Calendars < Edit Calendar: %calendarName like you did with Edit Forum: < Post Settings. If you want to go above and beyond you also have a different message for if Request RSVP is enabled like %poster has just posted a calendar event in %calendarName: "%eventTitle". RSVP: %link. I didn't think of something like that but I could see myself, for my uses at least, using that if it was a feature. I would be interested in a 30 minutes before reminder. Perhaps you can choose how much time before the reminder triggers in the settings or something.
  2. Got it working and love it. Additional feature suggestion: calendar events
  3. I got this error at one point and found it was caused by not using the correct redirect URIs. You can find them located in here. Hope this helps.
  4. I was able to install the application and set up the discord bot but when I went to edit the forums I ran into this guy.
  5. Getting an error as well unfortunately.
    Works perfectly. Installation was tricky for me but after discovering the readme everything was very straight forward for there. My favorite feature is the integration with Twitch Login Method. If a user links their Twitch to their account their stream will automatically be added to the widget. A great way for members to share their Twitch streams.
  6. Hello. I'm trying to figure out how to make a simple "what's on your mind?" block. If it's feasible I was thinking one could just edit the default "Recent Status Updates" Block to only have the "What's on your mind?" box and not display recent status updates underneath. Ultimately I'm making something that looks like this, a block that I can put on my front page to make it even easier for my users to update their statuses and all that fun stuff. or even better would be this without the title bar thing at the top, Unfortunately I just have the idea and not the knowledge on how to execute it. If there is any kind souls out there that could help me achieve my dream, you would have my eternal respect and appreciation. =D
  7. Hello I'm interested in using you're app as a stand alone page. At the top of the page would it be possible to get a "What's on your mind?" Text box option to get similar functionality to Facebook? I really like the filter feed I'm see in the screen shots. It seems well designed.
    Works as advertised. Have had no problems. Would be cool to see a quality of life feature that allows you to import the date and time a calendar event. Currently you have manually set everything.
  8. Well this is unfortunate, I quite liked the homepage we had.
  9. Our site uses the all activity page as the home page, after a recent security update was installed it seems the far right suite sidebar was removed or disabled. I would like to have far right side bar back if possible, I've already tired enabling "Show the suite sidebar on this page" on all of our pages and that does not seem to fix this issue. Any help or suggestions with this would be very appreciated.
  10. Thankyou so much! Our web Admin added your code in and everything seems to be working. Appreciate it!
  11. Hello I seem to be having an issue where if a YouTube video is posted the read more and read less features won't collapse properly. Here's a screen shot. That status height limit is set at 5 lines. Anyone else have a problem like this?
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