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  1. It would be great if we could combine a dark theme with a little plugin that detect user's os dark mode and asks him once if he like to switch to a dark theme.
  2. Hi, is it compatible with 4.3?
    With 4.1.11 (I stopped updating) it messed up my theme, fortunally uninstalling the plugin restored my previuos theme This is the error: [[Template core/global/forms/number is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  3. I agree. There's no point on clicking "show unread content" then clicking the item title getting the first post instead of the first unread. I had to tell every user of my forum to click the "small circle" to do what seems the most logical action
    Very useful for limiting special groups posting rights.
  4. Hi. Just wanted to figure out how this works. Is every user allowed to leave feedback to anyone, or the moderators need to confirm, before, that there has been a transaction between two people?
  5. Hi, the other topic is locked. But regardless of open/closed status, one month has passed.
  6. Hi, something isn't working. I am using this plugin to limit professional sellers tooics inside certain forums. Some of them are reporting system is blocking them from opening a new topic even though their last topic has been opened more than 30 days ago, while the limit is one topic per month. In fact, logging in as one member of this group, last topic april the 20, I can't post a new topic today, may the 21. Editing the limit to 2 post per month doesn't unblock me from posting a new topic.
  7. Version 1.3


    Lingua italiana per IPS 4 Dato l'alto costo delle traduzioni complete, ho tradotto a mano i moduli di cui avevo necessità per il mio sito e ho scelto di rendere disponibile questo lavoro ad un prezzo molto inferiore per chi o ha necessità del solo modulo forum o vuole utilizzare questa tradizione come base di partenza. La traduzione comprende la parte base (core), il forum, il blog e varie estensioni aggiuntive, tra le quali: Account deactivation Groups (collab) Company directory Non sono compresi gli altri moduli base calendario, commerce, chat. Ottima base di partenza per la versione più recente di IPS, mancano ovviamente le funzionalità introdotte di recente, meglio che partire da zero!
    Works fine, installed without hassles. Excellent for general staff announcements inside a topic
  8. Interested too. Wasn't this one a feature of ipb3?
    Not satisfied at all, at the moment. Edited setting disabling maps, countries and location. But they are still there when adding a company. I want to create a websites directory and I can't do it until it's fixed.
    Awesome, works fine. Thanks!
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