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  1. Is there a way to allow swearing in some sections of the forum but not others?
  2. I agree with @TDBF. We run a forum for grown adults and as such they should be trusted as to whether they wish to see swearing or not.
  3. Just submit a support ticket to IPB with the Tapatalk file attached and they will upload it to their root directory.
  4. Thank you. I cannot find that tab. Where is it?
  5. The root directory is not on your PC as the host is IPB not your PC.
  6. You will need access to the root directory. Only IPB can give you this. Submit a support ticket and add the Tapatalk plugin to the ticket and IPB will install the plugin for you. They are very good with this type of thing.
  7. I am embarrassed with how easy that was. Thank you!
  8. As above really. Is there a way to set a minimum post count before downloads are available? Trying to prevent members joining and taking content without giving anything back to the forum.
  9. Great. Next question How do I get them onto the forum drop down list of emojis???
  10. I have searched and search on here. Anyone know where I can get some animated emojis? You know the ones that move around on the screen?
  11. Hi all, I want to create bespoke advertising space such as inbetween sidebar block as opposed to all at the top and certain adverts in certain forums only but I have no idea where to start. Can anyone help?
  12. I found it but it is not available on the new software. That is exactly what I was looking for. Done that but then noticed it also changed the names in the 'who's online' block to invisible also.
  13. Hi, We want to hide or remove the specific group names that appear under the members avatar as we have badges and it looks a bit silly. I imagine it is through formatting but I have no idea what I need to insert in the box. Thanks.
  14. Thanks. I could not find that. In the end just altered on MS Paint.
  15. Hi all, I try to upload the logo which I want small in the LHS corner of the forum but when I upload it it comes up huge and takes over most of the page. Any advice?
  16. While we are still small I may use these idiots as a way for our admin and moderators to practice their moderation skills. If it gets to out of hand then I will give that Autoit a go. Have you installed it yet?
  17. Sounds like a right pain. That other plug in looks a bit complicated though.
  18. hmmm. How do you add disposible email accounts to the 'ban filter' This could work for us being still quite new and small?
  19. Thanks for the advice. It is only one or two for us at the moment but if it steps up then we may have to change the registration process then to include admin verification. Shame.
  20. Hi all, Any recommendations on how to manage these. We are a new forum and have some nasty people joining just to post horrible things and almost all sign on from disposable email accounts.
  21. Hi, Can anyone help me how I can get selective profile information to appear under the avatar when they post?
  22. i eventually got there. I needed the password from IPS in order to access the root directory online. Thanks.
  23. Thanks. I appreciate the reply. Where is this 'root folder' on my system?
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