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    BomAle reacted to breatheheavy in (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements   
    Came here searching for this as well. I'd love to know if there are any plans to update this to 4.6 @newbie LAC 😇 
    Or if 4.5 will work with 4.6? 
    Edit: Apologies for not realizing or it slipping my mind that Newbie is in the hospital. Sorry about that! Wishing them a lot of healing vibes. 
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    BomAle reacted to Askancy in Marketplace Reviews   
    A user is distributing a product similar to mine on the marketplace. My product is free, while he has 8 of them all for a fee.
    The user inaccurately entered in the product description:
    This is real defamation and denigration of the work of other users. and this is not the first time the user has behaved this way.
    Every time I release an update of my translation, the user magically releases an update for all his translations, thus hiding mine.
    In the description of my translation:
    This is really bad and it would be correct for you from the IPS staff to check this user!
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    BomAle reacted to Mick79 in After converting from phpBB none of my users can log in   
    After much digging around it turns out the the passwords on the phpBB forum have been set using the argon2 hashing algorithm (due to a change in php versions).
    When the conversion runs, these passwords are not imported correctly into the member_pass_hash and members_pass_salt fields in the core_members table which causes the logins to fail.
    I'm not sure there is a solution for this except for everyone to change their passwords when they log into to the upgraded site.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to have wasted my money on it 🙂
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    BomAle reacted to opentype in Downgrade on renew license   
    I think the issue here is that the license is expired and the request is to deactivate apps before the renewal.
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    BomAle reacted to The Heff in Downgrade on renew license   
    It's a real shame because it used to be possible, but became difficult since renewal dates were all aligned. (Prior to that there may have been a different renewal date for gallery to the one for forums, which was confusing but was more flexible.)
    Support have removed unused purchases for me in the past, to reduce the renewal cost for an existing license, but it meant I lost that purchase forever despite having paid for it. (I could not add it back on later.)
    As a point of feedback for IPS, this led to me feature locking my community. I would previously have been willing to entertain a purchase of an application to test its use in my community, knowing that I could turn it off if not successful to save some money, and then back on again if there was a new demand for it, but I now won't entertain such ideas because paying a renewal fee for unused functionality or losing the purchase permanently if it's not required just isn't viable (it's essentially throwing away money).
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    BomAle reacted to Matt in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    We're very much aware of CKEditor 5.

    As mentioned above, the migration to v5 isn't a simple case of dropping in the new files. We'd need to re-code all of our custom plugins that handle many things including embedding, drag and drop uploading and much more.

    CKEditor 4 is supported until 2023. While CKEditor 5 brings many useful new things, it's not urgent enough for us to "down tools" and focus a 6-12 week block on it.

    It's on our roadmap along with other javascript improvements that we want to develop and deploy.
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    BomAle reacted to 13. in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    For me, it is not important which editor to use, but how exactly it will be customized by IPS.

    The main thing I hope for is that IPS won't carry over all the same bugs that they added to the current editor and haven't been fixing for years. Such as the complete inability to delete mentions in mobile Chrome, for example:

    As well as get rid of additional overcomplications, such as replacing existing editor functions. For example, fast and easy URL embedding on clumsy and slow:


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    BomAle reacted to Daniel F in Read markers not on content elements with no conainer   
    Based on our code ReadMarkers support Items without containers, so it's a valid bug which I have posted to our internal bugtracker.
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    BomAle reacted to CodingJungle in IPS API Request   
    my request:
    can we get documentation for adding API to our apps, I'm having to add it to 3 different apps atm for a project for a client, and i'm really sorta winging it. looking at what you guys have done, but even then its not all that clear what is being done or why. please document the graphql api you've added, i'm assuming you are using this in your mobile app, since i can't find any reference to it in any of your php/js code. '/^\s*\*\s*@([a-z]*)(\t+([^\t]*))?(\t+([^\t]*))?(\t+([^\t]*))?$/', found in /system/Api/Controller.php line 319. hopefully I can express how much misery this regex has caused me. you guys are literally the only software or framework i know of, in php or not, that uses tabs in their code. I use spaces, the rest of the world uses spaces, I have git hooks that will actually reject code for using tabs instead of spaces, my IDE is configured to use spaces. so for like .00001% of the over all app, on stuff that isn't even code, i have to undo ALL of that, just so the api reference docs are processed and shown in the ACP for the other devs on this project to have easy access to that info. I spent a good long while trying to figure out why it was not showing or throwing an exception in the api references, as there was no clear indication as to what was causing it or why. so for sanity sake, please make this regex more robust to look for tabs or space (or better yet, not rely on phpdoc block for api reference, make it a json/xml/txt in <app>/data that can be read and parsed out).  $this->_respond( json_encode( $output, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT ), $response->httpCode, NULL, $shouldLog, TRUE ); /system/Dispatcher/Api.php line 338/342/348., this code does not always produce valid json. it looks like json, but its not, its corrupted. I've had to add 'JSON_HEX_QUOT | JSON_HEX_TAG ' to the flags section of json_encode to get it to produce valid json (i did this thru a hook, but had to overload the entire method, cause there was no point in the code execution, i would be able to add those 2 flags). So please either add those flags or move the json_encode to a method inside the dispatcher, where all it does is json_encode, that way i can hook it and add those flags or any other flags i might need in the near future.  editor content from the api doesn't not get the file or url place holders replaced, i was pulling articles and blogs records, and none of the internal links or attachments were showing up, cause they still had the and <filestore> stuff still in them, so i had to go hook blogs and articles api to parse them (haven't gotten to the other apps yet).  embed/iframe content also is not loaded, cause the src attribute is empty, as the source is still on data-embed-src (i'm assuming this is apart of the IPS lazy loading that didn't get scrubbed properly). on db records, you include a title property but in 'fields' property, it also includes the title field content as well, so if that can be removed or at least give us the ID of which field_# is the title, same for description.  can you also include for any dates, a rfc2822 format along with the rfc3339, as javascript does not like the rfc3339 one (example: DateTime::ts($sometimestamp)->format(RFC::882), this will return a rfc2822 formatted date). heck even a raw unix timestamp would be better than a rfc3339 :).  to be completely honest, the api has not been a pleasure to write code for or to work with. it is one of the most difficult API's i've used. I have spent about 20 times longer debugging and finding solutions, than i have actually writing code to use the api. any way, i hope you guys can address these issues, if not, I might be forced to abandon the api and find another solution.
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    BomAle reacted to Lindy in IPS Merch?   
    It certainly explains the noises I hear late at night!
    For what it's worth, we would be interested in a turnkey solution that offers the products, handles the shipping, etc. 
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    BomAle reacted to Joel R in IPS Merch?   
    Okay IPS Community.  Calling all dropshippers, ecommerce titans, and savvy wholesalers:
    I have it from a credible inside source (hint: his name begins with "L," he's bald, and he likes analogies to trucks) that IPS would like to order some swag.  Good swag.   Maybe some (clean) mouse pads.  Maybe some keychains.  Maybe a team shirt.  Maybe an embroidered shirt with your most favorite developer(s) like Brikki or Morrigan.  
    If you know a good store that allows smaller orders (eg. 100), send an email to this dude: LThrogmartin@invisionpower.com If it's a good store with good swag, you may even some good courtesy swag yourself as a "thank you."   Clients who have been with IPS for more than 10 years may get a special anniversary swag bag.  Maybe.  
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    BomAle reacted to Mark in IPS Merch?   
    I had an IPS mousepad once! It was mostly white and got really dirty though and I threw it away years ago.
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    BomAle reacted to Morrigan in Multiple owners/authors   
    I’ve complained before that wiki editing shouldn’t have an original author, or owner, at all. While the authors/editors should be in the editing history the listing itself should never truly have a single author.

    It should be possible, especially in pages, to set multiple owners. You see this behavior on major websites such as Microsoft where the people that have contributed/have ownership of the listing are listed as “contributors”. I would like to empower my users to allow secondary editors to some of the contributions so those people also have the ability to edit their content. Sort of like adding a moderator to a forum, do it at the listing level in pages.
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    BomAle reacted to Charles in Developer Job Opening   
    Invision Community has an exciting opportunity for an experienced PHP developer to join our team.
    The Role
    As a back end PHP developer, you will be working closely within a tight nimble team. You are a clear thinking problem solver and are able to demonstrate skills in creativity and innovation with the ability to meet deadlines. You thrive when given a brief and create well structured efficient code.
    Key Responsibilities
    Write well designed testable efficient code by using sound development processes Cooperate with other team members to develop new features Gather and refine specifications are requirements based on technical needs Create and maintain software documentation Skills & Experience
    Significant experience as a PHP developer in a commercial environment Experience with MySQL Experience with github Experience with various web services such as OAuth, SAML, REST, SOAP, etc. Experience working within a team with a strong culture Some experience with HTML, CSS and JS. Location
    Remote but must be available for a significant portion of 9-5 EST working day
    Application Form
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    BomAle reacted to Jordan Invision in To add TAG criteria into Create RSS Feed   
    Hey @Maxxius 👋 
    It now officially has made it to IPS staff (me heh). 😛 
    Allow me some time to take your suggestion to the team. This could very well be a case of it not being a good fit to focus our energy on at the moment, but it might. Let me pass it along and get back to you if that's ok. 🙏 😊 
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    BomAle reacted to Matt in Bitcoin Support for Commerce   
    This is still the case.

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    BomAle reacted to Bluto in (SD) ActiveCampaign Integration   
    It's a shame about Spanner, this was a great integration and it was free.  What a nice guy to do all that work to help people.
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    BomAle reacted to Jock3r in Automatic backups   
    If it isn't a managed server then you can set it up with a cronjob.
    #!/bin/bash BACKUPTIME=`date +%b-%d-%y` DESTINATION=/root/backup/backup-$BACKUPTIME.tar.gz echo "Creating backup of database to $SQLDUMP" mysqldump --single-transaction --quick --databases forum | gzip -9 > $DESTINATION echo "Dump Zipped up" echo "Uploading zipped dump to the Amazon S3 bucket…" nice -n 10 ionice -c2 -n 7 s3cmd put $DESTINATION s3://cdn.myforumDB-backups/ echo "Removing the backup file $SQLDUMP" rm $DESTINATION echo "WooHoo! All done" And for files I have this
    #!/bin/bash BACKUPTIME=`date +%b-%d-%y` DESTINATION=/root/backups/backup-$BACKUPTIME.tar.gz SOURCEFOLDER=/srv/http/forum/root/html nice -n 10 ionice -c2 -n 7 tar -cpzf $DESTINATION $SOURCEFOLDER echo "Uploading zipped dump to the Amazon S3 bucket…" s3cmd put $DESTINATION s3://cdn.forum/Files-backups/ echo "Removing the backup file $SQLDUMP" rm $DESTINATION echo "WooHoo! All done"  
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    BomAle reacted to Makoto in Profiles have no meta tags   
    Profiles on IPS have virtually no meta tags, at all.
    This could be improved by adding a link to the users avatar and maybe a general description line like so,
    $description = "Explore {$this->member->name}'s " . \number_format( $this->member->member_posts ) . " posts on " . \IPS\Settings::i()->board_name; $newMeta = [ 'title' => $this->member->name, 'description' => $description, 'og:title' => $this->member->name, 'og:description' => $description, 'twitter:description' => $description, 'og:image' => $this->member->photo, 'profile:username' => $this->member->name, 'og:url' => $this->member->url() ]; \IPS\Output::i()->metaTags = array_merge( \IPS\Output::i()->metaTags, $newMeta ); Otherwise links to profiles contain no description or anything aside the default og:image if you have one set in the settings.
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    BomAle reacted to newbie LAC in How to check what a Storage Setting Configuration is set to?   
    if (get_class(\IPS\File::getClass('core_Emoticons')) == 'IPS\File\Amazon') { } if (get_class(\IPS\File::getClass('core_Theme')) == 'IPS\File\FileSystem') { }  
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    BomAle reacted to Morrigan in Hey, it's 2020. Selections should span pagination   
    They do persist pages. The issue is the number resets. Which is the core issue here.
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    BomAle reacted to bfarber in Add support for MYSQLI_CLIENT_COMPRESS   
    Another feedback topic recently mentioned supporting SSL for the MySQL database server.
    What if we did something like
    /* Connect */ parent::real_connect( $sqlCredentials['host'], $sqlCredentials['username'], $sqlCredentials['password'], $sqlCredentials['database'], $sqlCredentials['port'], $sqlCredentials['socket'], $this->_getFlags() );  
    and then the _getFlags() method returned nothing by default, but a plugin could add a hook to set other flags?
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    BomAle reacted to Colonel_mortis in Why is XRegexp included?   
    XRegExp is 135KB when minified as part of root_library.js (that whole bundle is only 383KB, so it's a significant chunk), but it's only used in two places:
    In ipsautolink/plugin.js, it's just used to evaluate a native JS regex, which I believe is totally unnecessary (use this.urlRegex.test(text) instead!) In ips.search.results.js, where it's just used to replace using a native JS regex (use $(this).text().replace(new RegExp(...), '...') instead, as you do for each subsequent replacement in that chain) (while you're at it, why does that code replace with HTML, HTML escape everything, then selectively unescape the content you just added?!) Removing those two places that don't, to my understanding, utilise the library in any meaningful way would allow you to slim down the site by a not-insignificant amount, and make certain people happy.
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    BomAle reacted to PoC2 in Please add ...-nocookie.com and &rel=0 for YouTube embeds   
    For increased privacy, please offer youtube-nocookie.com and adding &rel=0 to auto-embeds for YouTube videos.
    Safari 14 now makes it trivially easy to see what trackers are trying to follow you on what web sites. Cheers.

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    BomAle reacted to Aiwa in Removal of $15 Domain Change   
    You make my point exactly. While you have graciously contributed to the MP, props given, you are not the type of developer that sells in the MP for a living. Such resources have a greater tendency to go unmaintained. Not saying you aren’t keeping your resource up to date. 
    Many developers don’t just sell in the MP. They use their MP resources to get their name on the board with a reputation. Those devs then do contract work with private clients using IPS to truly make their living. 
    We’ve most certainly strayed from the OP’s goal. 
    Generally speaking, if you submit a ticket to IPS, and you’re not URL hoping frequently, they are sometimes gracious and do a reset without the fee. At least that was my experience some time ago. 
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