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    BomAle got a reaction from Ryan Ashbrook in Team Talk: Show us your workstation   
    I tried to use the available space and use a configuration with Santech N87. I gradually improved the desk by sawing the shelf in three and bought 4 partial extraction guides to have the possibility to slide each floor.
    Finally I installed an Arctic Z1 to be able to move at will the monitor especially when I have to work with friends.

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    BomAle reacted to steel51 in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    @MattCan we have 4.3.3. as soon as possbile? Monday is a bank holiday in many european countries. We could use this day to set up everything finally regarding GDPR. Thanks for all your efforts!
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    BomAle reacted to Matt in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    We can look at that in a future release.
    One thing I'm always mindful of is security of the account.
    What would a checkbox on a single use form do? 
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    BomAle reacted to hjmaier in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    My lawyer also heavily insists, that there must be a checkbox in the contact form.
    Another Thing:
    I like the new download Feature for personal data. I would like to give that Option on my members in their account Settings. I don't see any harm in that. Maybe give the Administrator the choice if he want to give the members that Option.
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    BomAle reacted to Matt in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    And LEGO®, SEGA®, Warner Bros, etc. ?
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    BomAle reacted to Joel R in 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery   
    IPS rarely responds to any feedback in the feedback forum.  I like to think of those forums more like an infinite void for retail clients, where I send off my hopes and dreams.  
    Check your membergroups  to add albums.  When you're in gallery, you should see a button to Add Images.  
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    BomAle reacted to steel51 in Your GDPR questions answered   

    We also nees this for the "Contact-us" Form. I we want to contact the user after he used the form, he have to agree before that we store his personal data, most likely his e-mail adress.

    Two general additions

    1) The above is all for self-hosted forums. In case a user booked your cloud services you should provide an "order processing agreement" document, which should be signed from both sides. Also it is a good idea Invision gets listed under https://www.privacyshield.gov.

    2) I'm not sure for myself, but we (in Europe) should consider to enable age verification check because of https://gdpr-info.eu/art-8-gdpr/.
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    BomAle reacted to Matt in Your GDPR questions answered   
    Yes, typo fixed. I meant explicit but my brain substituted the word incorrectly. The intention was always explicit consent as the surrounding text illustrated.
    If you're more comfortable removing IP addresses from content data, then get in touch with support and we'll show you the queries to run on your database (assuming you make back-ups, and are comfortable with admin tasks like that, etc, etc).
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    BomAle reacted to GTB in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    Confusing and crazy. It's being talked about on WoltLab and XenForo. On WoltLab they are saying you have to add you Name and Address on the privacy policy page as well.
    Lol, guess you could do that really. Make them pay to remove their account. Ha! Good one, call it admin fees.
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    BomAle reacted to O9C4 in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    Invision Community © 2018 IPS, Inc. must have a lot of european customers, isn't it? So you must be preoccupied with GDPR for your terms & policy too, as we here all or not?
    I apologize in advance, but I still do not understand what to do and how to prepare for the 25th of May.
    To copy someone's else (IPS for example) GDPR policy to my site would be great and easy for me, and all i can as noob admin.
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    BomAle reacted to Claudia999 in How to use Invision Community content in Wordpress in under 5 minutes   
    I'm looking for a way to embed the community search in my Wordpress search or in the search result page in Wordpress. Do you have a hint for me?
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    BomAle reacted to The Guy in Why owning your own community is better than using a Facebook Group   
    Plus you can be the good guy and NOT sell people's Data ?
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    BomAle reacted to Cyboman in 5 ways to monetize your community   
    I prefer communities without (external) advertisement. 
    The only real interesting part for me are the IPS subscription services which are highly customizable.
    My monetization strategy is
    virtual currencies / points systems that integrate perfectly into commerce/downloads. It's a natural incident, that most customers never use/spend all their deposited credits, so the community wins all forgotten or expired credits.  better handling for transactions for digital products for european union customers/members, so we won't get in conflict with laws and tax regulation. Please help us expand in the EU and reach out for more paying customers. something like an IPS native "automation rules" / trigger systems, if event x happens then do y (f.e. send pms, emails, react, superlike...) the more you can target and engage your members (and add your own ads in there) the more will be sold. With such a trigger system, make it happen to generate personal vouchers and limited time offers enhance email marketing campaigns, introduce options for bulk email subscribers filtering, so we can entice more members to subscribe into bulk emails, award subscribers (with community benefits), disclose the opt-outs. As soon as you have a bunch of willing subscribers and good, valid emails, you have a very high chance to power up your conversion value. If you don't like (external) advertisements in your own community, but you already are a commercial actor, then monetization requires a different strategy. 
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    BomAle reacted to asigno in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    Thanks for the links, I'll take a look. I still don't understand why this wouldn't be part of the core product though.
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    BomAle reacted to sulervo in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    This one? Pretty expensive
    Here is another:
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    BomAle reacted to ptprog in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    Could you be more specific about the points 1 and 3?  That is:
    Where did IPS "answer" about the opt-in/opt-out of cookies?
    For the record, showing a message stating that cookies were set is not a valid opt-in.  I'm also not sure where we can opt-out after accepting the cookies.
    (I don't think GDPR forces us to rely on consent to store cookies, but it would be nice if IPS allowed us to do so.) Where did IPS "answer" about allowing to export users' personal data?
    I'm not sure which data users may require to be exported for portability, but even if we assume it is just the profile info (which may be easy to collect), note that the users may also request to know all personal data stored about them.  I'm pretty sure this includes IP addresses stored in IPS logs.  In any case, I did not find any feature to export users data in IPS 4.3 (but I may be missing it).
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    BomAle reacted to Matt in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    As of Beta 4/Final - yep!
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    BomAle reacted to AlexWebsites in 4.3: Leverage your data with our statistic improvements   
    Maybe its already built in, not sure...but I'm surprised their isn't a report for registration and login method showing you which login handlers are used in your community.
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    BomAle reacted to jair101 in 4.3: Engagement Improvements   
    Does the "Typing..." tooltip only appear when you mouse over the user name?
    I would rather have it like facebook, somewhere above the editor. 
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    BomAle reacted to Matt in 4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager   
    Exactly this.
    Yes, my aim is to offer an upgrader option to switch to the subs manager.
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    BomAle reacted to Daniel F in 4.3: AdminCP Member Profiles   
    Could you clarify this? There are no new form field types in 4.3.

    Literally everything on this page is built via extensions ( 4.3 will have 2 new extension types which are used to build the ACP member profile)
    @Mark did an amazing job here.
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    BomAle reacted to MMXII in 4.3: AdminCP Member Profiles   
    The new look is great (of course ), but I definetly like the filterable Recent Account Activity the most.
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    BomAle reacted to Aiwa in 4.3: Videos   
    Oh god no... Please no profile audio player... Please no... MySpace all over again.  ::shudder::  Where's the mute button!!
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    BomAle reacted to Mark in 4.3: Paid club memberships, and other club improvements   
    Just because a feature isn't in this version doesn't mean we don't think it's important  We can only do so much in any one release. Clubs in particular is a very new feature and has both been used by more people than we expected, and in ways we never thought of. It will take a few releases to add everything everyone wants. I'm really glad you love the feature so much! The vast majority of our customers do not come to these forums. We get a lot of ideas for features through support channels (either explicitly or by asking "how do I do this?" for something you can't do). So don't assume "nobody has requested" something. We wouldn't waste our time adding features nobody is requesting!
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    BomAle reacted to Joel R in 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery   
    Screenshots of the Album view from 4.3 Dev Board:

    Album view on desktop

    Album view on mobile
    Screenshots of the new lightbox view from 4.3 Dev Board:

    Lightbox on desktop view. Image controls and information on lightbox (such as image title, followers, image tools, etc) only appear when you hover over the lightbox area. Otherwise, it's a pure black lightbox. The green message is the "content message", a feature from Invision Community 4.2 for moderators to add highlighted commentary. 

    Lightbox on mobile. Invision Community 4.3 supports swipe controls left-right.
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