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Downloads posted by BomAle

  1. Free

    Login method permissions for photo & cover

    This plugin is a revision of the synchronization options of the login methods, therefore only with the permissions to modify the profile the photo and cover will be synchronized.


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  2. Free

    SendMail Advanced

    This app permise you to limit email sent per time, avoiding exceed some limits imposed by hosting or server mail provider (MTA)
    It extend the standard IPS mail sending with:
    some settings for prioritize or limit the relay; log and process the mail queue; count how many mail are sent per time; HOW IT WORK
    increase sent counter when send a new email and if exceed the restrictions delay the email inserting a custom log into core_mail_error_logs
    (format: DELAY(attempt) PRIORITY(n) UNTIL date) a task try to: updating count of emails sent by IPS (into this year, month, day, hour, minute, second) run callback function until timeout for handle DELAYED logs (also 421 errors into 1.0.1): if exceeded the restrictions update the log with attempt done (how many time the task is ran, the mail connection is not initialized) try a new attempt deleting current log and on occurrence insert a DELAYED mail log ROAD MAP
    Create a graph to show how many email are sent by time, and custom option to have a history (detailed graph) Add into task callback also 421 mail logs Notify when 421 errors are logged Autocalculate restrictions on install (WHM,keliweb,inmotionhosting,etc..) Possibility to increase how many logs process (currently 1 log x run, the frequency of task is 1 minute)


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  3. Free

    Truncate & Format Feeds Content

    Small solutions for feeds content:
    Truncate content limit Format content (preserve line break, paragraph into new line)


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  4. Free

    Register Group for Login Handlers

    Restore old 3.4 feature, select the group that new members will have.


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  5. Free

    Call to Action (Popup)

    Create a Call to Action for your IPS installation.
    Improve conversion rate, draws attention with a custom message.
    This plugin is a extension of in-built ips.ui.dialog:
    Right control of animations Align anywhere you would (like at bottom-right of window) fix for close it when click outside Display when user interact with the page: wait some seconds before showing show when reach a specific page scroll position on mouse exit on top of page requested by forum.ilcommercialistaonline.it


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  6. Free

    ActiveCampaign Integration

    Sync membership from IPS installation to ActiveCampaign.
    Email of new contact is added on a specific list with subscribe status active, change of mail is synced to ActiveCampaign (previous with status unsubscribed).
    To configure the product go into Community Enhancements > find block ActiveCampaign > click Configure > Fill API data
    requested by forum.ilcommercialistaonline.it
    Allow login only from activecampaign contacts (request by @Josiah Wallingford) Sync fields from IPS to AC (with option to import field from AC and uninstall imported at occurrence, batch import existing AC contacts and keep synced) WebHook to perform some actions SingleSignOn for user/account list (not for list of contacts)


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  7. Free

    Default Photo per Group

    This plugin will set a default photo for members who have yet to select one. Each group has your own image. If a photo of an specific group is not found, the defult photo from theme will be displayed.
    Uploads the xml plugin file into AdminCP > System > Plugins (it insert 3 default image: default_photo_6.png for moderators, default_photo_3.png for members, default_photo_4.png for administrators) Go into Themes > on right Menu > Manage resources > Add Resources, follow this istruction: Location: global Folder: plugins Application: System Resource, file name must have this format: default_photo_ID.png (replace ID with group id of the group that must have uploaded photo) news 1.0.1: you can define the allowed extensions, png is the default. I have uploaded also a .psd file for customize as you wish the photo and three image included on xml file.



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  8. Free

    Force News & Update on registration

    This plugin disable the input admin emails and force to set value true, into this way you could send mail without approval.
    Note: Email spam legislation by country


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  9. Free

    Chatbox Extender

    This plugin extends (BIM) Chatbox by creating a new chat when a new topic/item or comment/review is posted. You can configure which user groups can use it and in which forums/categories/nodes.
    IPS 4.1.X => 1.0.11
    Extra feature soon:
    add minimal post count to write in chat done (1.0.11) automated messages / Bot (based on content / author of last message) Automation Rules integration (very useful to send custom automated message) 2 template options (default, minimal), minimal is like for new registration on activity stream done (1.0.11) Clubs Integration done (1.0.12) Note: I am available to suggestions for improvements.


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