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Entry Comments posted by BomAle

  1. Quote


    Aside from boosting retention, online communities, in a similar light to hashtags, are also a great way to understand the wants and needs of your customers. This reduces the need to extensively monitor social media for trends as you can see what they are discussing right on your servers.




    In a study by Bulbshare, statistics showed that 77% of shoppers prefer brands that collaborate with them. This is because the simple act of letting them join your creative process empowers them.


    I like so much this article, please keep it updated 👍

  2. 23 hours ago, Mark said:
    On 10/26/2018 at 4:52 PM, MMXII said:

    A long awaited feature and finally it will make its way into the Invision Community. Very nice!

    I also like the fact that we have the option to continue using what is already there:

    I wonder though if there is a way to combine these features? For example, you have a forum specifically for guests (there they should be able to post without a prompt to register afterwards) and all the other areas on your website (there the new post before register should apply).

    Yes, that's exactly how it works 🙂 

    If I have understand, a setting allow registrations only with this feature/method? (post before register)

    On 10/26/2018 at 11:08 PM, AlexWebsites said:


    I like this idea. 

    also +1

  3. I tried to use the available space and use a configuration with Santech N87. I gradually improved the desk by sawing the shelf in three and bought 4 partial extraction guides to have the possibility to slide each floor.
    Finally I installed an Arctic Z1 to be able to move at will the monitor especially when I have to work with friends.


  4. Hello, I see into an italian article the gdpr force the administrators to:

    1. opt-in cookies before and during (any time it would) the navigator could opt-out after visit, (list: necessary checked and disabled, preference, statistics, marketing, unclassified).


    we must track date of the user consents registered.

    more at https://www.cookiebot.com/en/cookie-consent/

    an example, if I use a third party app / plugin on marketplace how can I found all cookie it use? I must ask it to developers?

    2. request deletion of personal data (that identify the person)

    3. data portability, request personal data to export into a file or email...

    Any response about this? @Matt

    Thanks for your article.

  5. Happy to see custom permission ?

    1 hour ago, Morgin said:

    You want as few barriers to upload as possible and forcing users to pick a title for each image is extra work

    there are some reasons for require a title as SEO (crawler don't process image but alt tag or metadata..), internal search, filter/sort from lists.

  6. There is some default setting for requirements to join? (minimal global posts?)

    this could be useful to reduce user effort and reduce moderation routine...

  7. 19 hours ago, IBResource ltd. said:


    in the 3.x versions, we can determine the forum id by $ this->request ['f'] in every template even in topicView and globalTemplate. Whether it is possible to do the same in 4th version?

    this could give more issue than utils... i prefer adopt this below anyway:

    {{if request.app == 'forums' and request.module == 'forums'}}
    	{{$forum_id = request.controller == 'topic' ? request.forum_id : request.id;}}
    	FORUM ID IS: {$forum_id}


  8. @Rikki there is a shorthand way to get value of a custom profile fields on template?

    like this

    \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->profileFields()->field_26 or get by key without destroy page with error...


    now i adopt this:

    {{$member = \IPS\Member::loggedIn();}}
    {{if $pf=$member->profileFields() AND isset($pf['core_pfieldgroups_ID GROUP']['core_pfield_ID FIELD'])}}
    {$pf['core_pfieldgroups_ID GROUP']['core_pfield_ID FIELD']}
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