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  1. I am using messages 2.3.1 with IPS v.4.3.6. Like with the previous IPS versions Messages are not visible for guests in the whole system. I double checked every setting in case of permissions and found nothing wrong. At the moment a user logs in Messages are visible. Any idea?
  2. I see such an inquiry as a security risk. I can recognize the logo of IPS but nothing indicates that this request was really started by IPS.
  3. Clubs > great stuff! What i need ... the possibility to search a club ... if you have toooooo much > we have the possibility of categories car clubs > opel car clubs > porsche motorbike clubs > yamaha motorbike clubs > ducati ...
  4. Idea behind: Repair tips for products. Topic explains the damage or problem with every detail > indexed by search engines like Google. Reply explains the solution to fix. To be able to see all replies for this topic ... customer book a paid subscription or can order this single topic.
    We live in a world where many things are seen as self-evident. We use Advanced Tags and Prefixes every day. It's one of the mission critical applications in our app world and i say "thank you" to Ryan for this wonderful feature.
  5. Like some other users here ... We bought this app in January 2016 and cannot work with it. Since one year we are waiting for "it will be fixed and next days". I am really wondering if this is the right way.
  6. Now it's working. What i did ... Disable and Enabled.
  7. I tried it with Firefox 50.0 and Chrome > No chance. I cleared browser cache and also board cache > no solution. I created a new MapQuest Key ... but this was also not the solution. The first time i noticed the problem ... i tried to import a kml file > it failed After i tried to "Add Marker" to test functionality. May be there is a context with kml import procedure?
  8. IPS V4.1.16.1 + Membermap 3.1.5 I have a value MapQuest API Key and very low transactions (59) this month period. Seems all ok. In the past ... when i started entering a location - like shown - the field offer me automatic more possibilities. Now this stops and i have no idea why. There is no functionality behind now. Any idea?
  9. I tried to understand your words. I read the manual, i activate the necessary stuff. So what we have? I have a field Topic/Announcement ID which is prefilled with "0". What i have to enter there? I have the possibility to open a topic and force users to read the topic. And i have the error message. So what settings i have to do and why?
  10. IPS 4.1.7 + I have this message every second i click to any link/button in my forum. "Read that topic" is enabled for earch group. The only chance to hide the message is to disable or deinstall your app.
  11. Bug? Display the prefixes as links below the forum description, like subforums > not working. IPS 4.1.7 and Advance Tags & Prefixes 3.1.3: After upgrade to IPS and after that upgrading to Advance Tags & Prefixes 3.1.4 (The cache trip and Advanced Tools > "Fix it" was done. Settings correct.)
    Installed membermap deep in the night > the sun is shining. Great job.
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