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  1. You have a IPS 4.2. This version is under IPS 4.1
  2. Did you installed the theme again or updated the existing one ?
  3. File is downloaded, it should now be fine
  4. Version 2.0.4 What's new: compatibility Fixed all errors from the theme support This is the last release under 4.1. All future will go only for 4.2 and above This version is recommended to be installed again. To fix the error with a custom icon in the userbar, go to ACP -> Edit HTML/CSS -> CSS -> _veilon.css make any change, remove the change and save the template (and thus You sync shortcodes resource that prescribed in the code and You will earn)
  5. Write to me in PM, or wait for the updates
  6. Also in custom.css you need to add this code #elUserNav_mobile .cUserNav_icon { margin-right: 30px !important; }
  7. We will try to fix all the errors in our topics on the new version 4.2 of IPS. Thanks for the support.
  8. Hello. All appeals to us with a problem in the themes are resolved in the near future. We have sent you instructions to fix if you are not able to solve it yourself, then we ask for access to ACP and solve it. You can ask the other user that any data on their forum was not injured.
  9. Provide data from the ACP in a PM. We will fix that. We wanted to release a new version of the styles immediately below the 4.2, but if this error really is, we will release a version of styles and under
  10. Provide data from the ACP in a PM, I'll do it.
  11. You can disable SVG icons in settings.(Theme settings -> Other -> Enable UserNav SVG Icons -> OFF) I'm tired of making excuses for mistakes, which I am not guilty. When you first install the theme, the fonts that are icons in usernav not loaded with resources. To refresh the cache of these resources, you must update any stylesheet that uses this resource, ie veilon.css. In 100% of cases when I do it, everything starts to work.
  12. Surface white and 1 new style will be released along with the release of 4.2. While we are currently working on the adaptation of old styles for the new version and working on the introduction of new features and stylistic peculiarities.
  13. Go to ACP -> Look at feel -> edit html / css -> Edit css -> veilon.css Make absolutely any change to the file (Write and erase any character) and save the file.
  14. Go to ACP -> Look at feel -> edit html / css -> Edit css -> veilon.css Make absolutely any change to the file (Write and erase any character) and save the file. Use the standard Mono theme for editor IPS
  15. @Lavenblade Thank you for found error. Most likely they will be fixed after the release of 4.2. We have already begun to alter the styles under alpha 4.2.
  16. @Lars Bredvig Thanks. Will fix in the update. I can't understand what You mean. Soon a dark version of this style is not planned. You can try to repaint it yourself in the settings of the style.
  17. We apologize for the delay. We have a lot of work on updating the theme and developing new themes. Soon we will release an update.
  18. Go to acp -> look at feel -> themes -> veizor edit html/css -> css -> _veilon.css -> follow the steps which I wrote above.
  19. This is a system error. To fix it You need to go to veilon.css to make any change (write and delete a letter) and save the template. After that You it will work
  20. Version 1.2.4 What's new: compatibility Bug Fix (Settings Lang and Code) Add New slider And new style settings Several new features, as well as the mobile version of the slider are under development and will be added in the next version. In the current version
  21. Thanks for the bug. Update already in the stage of final development. Soon we will publish the new version. Do You have any wishes about new functions ?
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