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  1. On 24.06.2017 at 2:03 AM, mackenzieexD said:

    i had to get @Veilon to manually disable the slider as that was causing my issue apparently 


    Sorry, at the moment all support is only through PM. In case of such problems please contact them. As for the error, we test all versions on the test forums, where it arose. If you can provide more information in PM. Thank you!

    3 minutes ago, Agent Shark said:

    Unable to change logo for some reason. Even after clearing cache and it saying it's successful, hasn't changed. Any suggestions?

    Provide more information or this from the forum PM. Thank you!

  2. 23 hours ago, Efendias said:

    Same Problem here. Is the Author died? I think he provides a very fast support... see nothing from that. Can i have a refund pls?

    The answer was given in this thread several dozen times. You can organize the work of standard icons for 2 seconds, as not to disable custom icons and userbar to include the standard through the settings. At the moment I have a session in my institute and I don't often check threads support.

    On 11.06.2017 at 5:57 PM, Julien Costes said:

    Hello, thank you for this great theme ! Good Job ! :)

    I  have the same problem :


    Version : 2.0.4 -

    The others icons works. It's Strange...

    I have reinstall the theme but it's the same

    Read this please


    On 05.06.2017 at 4:48 PM, SilvaPT said:

    I bought 2 (zeron / veizor ) skin this author does not recommend their services,
    I feel like I was cheated and never got help to solve the problems. tried to contact the author of the skin but he didnt answer me.

    So, after this i want refund. How can i get the money back? If this isn't a bug derivated from IP.Board software itself that you can provide a fix for, I'd like to be refunded since the skin is not working as advertised.

    I explained everything to You in a PM.

    Your problem was very minor, it was necessary initially to write to me in PM.

  3. 13 hours ago, SugarinCubes said:

    We use the Slider option but only slider one and four seem to work with their images. We installed the theme clean and enabled the sliders, then we added images for sliders one to five but only the text is shown not the images. I'm sorry for my bad english but i think you understand me.

    Slides should be installed in series with the picture. Otherwise, they overlap each other

  4. Just now, FGN said:

    @Veilon one issue has already come up

    The search bar......once clicked a option to search in content, forum, ect ect .....that box is overlapping the search bar and you can't use it

    You can still type in a search, just cant use the content tab that should pop out beside the search bar not on top of it

    Did you installed the theme again or updated the existing one ?

  5. Version 2.0.4

    What's new:

    1. compatibility
    2. Fixed all errors from the theme support

    This is the last release under 4.1. All future will go only for 4.2 and above

    This version is recommended to be installed again. To fix the error with a custom icon in the userbar, go to ACP -> Edit HTML/CSS -> CSS -> _veilon.css make any change, remove the change and save the template (and thus You sync shortcodes resource that prescribed in the code and You will earn)

  6. 9 minutes ago, FGN said:

    Everyone needs to understand that this 4.2 update is a serious one, and I think you all need to trust @Veilon and have patience, he is also about to fix something for me, but what he said makes sense, we need to wait till the stable release of 4.2, then he has total new update about to come out.


    We will try to fix all the errors in our topics on the new version 4.2 of IPS. Thanks for the support.

  7. 25 minutes ago, twisted89 said:

    @Veilon  no, not going to help now? 

    @Alex Hamilton @FGN you prepared to give him Admin access? Appears he's having a tantrum again. 

    Will be demanding a refund soon if you keep acting like this. 

    Hello. All appeals to us with a problem in the themes are resolved in the near future. We have sent you instructions to fix if you are not able to solve it yourself, then we ask for access to ACP and solve it. You can ask the other user that any data on their forum was not injured.

  8. 1 hour ago, Hamza Sohail said: works fine on my test forum, but my community is

    On update the block manager on the left is not visible. And the silders do not work.

    I just bought the theme. What am I doing wrong or is not supported?

    Provide data from the ACP in a PM. We will fix that.

    We wanted to release a new version of the styles immediately below the 4.2, but if this error really is, we will release a version of styles and under

  9. 17 hours ago, twisted89 said:

    There are multiple people complaining about an bug and you're 'tired of making excuses for mistakes'?? I paid for a theme, I expect it to work as advertised. 

    I have disabled SVG icons, cleared both the server and browser cache and the icons still fail to show in the mobile view. Instead of blaming your customers why don't you help try and actually diagnose the problem?

    Also, I assumed you meant _velion.css, I have no css file named just 'veilon.css'


    Provide data from the ACP in a PM, I'll do it.

  10. On 13.05.2017 at 1:29 PM, twisted89 said:

    Still doesn't work, I think this is an issue with the theme. Including the guy above that's 3 people reporting missing icons. 

    You can disable SVG icons in settings.(Theme settings -> Other -> Enable UserNav SVG Icons  -> OFF)

    I'm tired of making excuses for mistakes, which I am not guilty. When you first install the theme, the fonts that are icons in usernav not loaded with resources. To refresh the cache of these resources, you must update any stylesheet that uses this resource, ie veilon.css. In 100% of cases when I do it, everything starts to work.


  11. On 13.05.2017 at 7:18 PM, Pavan Jakhu said:

    Where do you set this?


    On 13.05.2017 at 7:18 PM, Pavan Jakhu said:

    Also any update on a Surface White theme?

    Surface white and 1 new style will be released along with the release of 4.2. While we are currently working on the adaptation of old styles for the new version and working on the introduction of new features and stylistic peculiarities.

  12. @Lars Bredvig Thanks. Will fix in the update.


    On 19.04.2017 at 6:25 AM, homeservershow.com said:

    I'm testing this theme and notice the "Like button is unreadable.  Once a post is "Liked" the text "1 Person liked this" is readable. 

    I can't understand what You mean.

    On 19.04.2017 at 6:25 AM, homeservershow.com said:

    Also curious if anyone has adapted this to be a dark theme?

    Soon a dark version of this style is not planned. You can try to repaint it yourself in the settings of the style.

  13. 1 hour ago, rs-apex said:

    I have to say that I am unhappy with the support. Got promised to be updated this week (about a month ago). Looks fine at first, lots of bugs/glitches when u actually have the theme. sadface.

    We apologize for the delay. We have a lot of work on updating the theme and developing new themes. Soon we will release an update.

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