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  1. Solutions: 1) Go to ACP -> Veizor Theme -> Edit css/html> CSS -> _veilon.css -> Make absolutely any change to a file (for Example You can write any letter, save the template, then remove the letter and re-save the template), thereby hashCode for resources to be updated and pictures should work. 2) Go to ACP -> Veizor Theme -> Theme Settings -> Forum Nodes -> Enable Images Icons - OFF Enable custom icons for FA icons forums - ON
  2. Hi. Thank you for found error. This weekend will try to upload the update to fix all errors.
  3. Version 1.1 - 4.2 What's new: 4.2.4 compatibility Redesign of some components of the style Bug Fix (Settings Lang and Code) Add more new Functions
  4. Version 1.1 - 4.2 What's new: 4.2.4 compatibility Bug Fix (Settings Lang and Code) New Slider New Articles Block New Footer Articles Block
  5. Hey @-RAW- Very often in the plugin displays the names of other users how to fix it ?
  6. Please send screenshots of the settings section of Forum Nodes on your forum PM me.
  7. This version works perfectly on all versions of IPS 4.2 (that's why I wasn't letting off the updates and compiled in these versions). New version with many new functions, most likely will be available approximately September 15 (possibly earlier).
  8. Version 1.0.2 What's new: 4.2.3 compatibility Bug Fix Added New Functions
    Very Nice theme, my respect
  9. Veilon

    🔥 FLine

    Version 2.5.2 - 4.3 / 4.4+


    FLine Theme Fline is a new, unique theme for your forum. Great design combined with a huge number of settings. The theme is suitable for any forums of different directions. Added new types of articles and sliders with the possibility of editing. View demo 🔗 Full Screen: Home Page, Calendar Blogs, Gallery If you want to remove the copyright in the product, you need to purchase this plugin Articles Backgrounds Main Settings Forms Forum Nodes GuestMessage Header NavBar Other Footer Slider Social Icons Typography 4.4 version.If you have the problem with topic view, follow these instructions. Notice: If You need to install style on Your forum, but You can't do that, write me in personal messages If You like the style, then check out my other work


  10. Hello! The plugin is not working on our theme or all ?
  11. Hello! To display the standard logo You need to go to ACP -> Surface Theme settings -> Other -> Text logo OFF Try to enable and disable the designer mode . Continue to repeat the steps of updating the template styles. I can't figure out why this happens.. I wrote about it to the developers, but unfortunately did not receive specific answers. #cbInput_container input { color: #FFF; }
  12. The update everything will be fixed. Thanks for the information about the found errors.
  13. A new-style and global update for all our current styles are already in the works. :thumbsup:

  14. Version 1.0.1 - 4.2 What's new: 4.2.1 compatibility Bug Fix (Settings Lang and Code)
  15. Version 1.0.1 - 4.2 What's new: 4.2.1 compatibility Bug Fix (Settings Lang and Code)
  16. Version 1.0.1 - 4.2 What's new: 4.2.1 compatibility Bug Fix (Settings Lang and Code)
  17. Version 1.0.1 - 4.2 What's new: 4.2.1 compatibility Bug Fix (Settings Lang and Code)
  18. You're welcome. Left to finish a few changes in the settings (trying to make them more intuitive, to simplify them).
  19. Update to 4.2 is already available
  20. Please provide data from forum PM. I'll try to do something.
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