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  1. We are aware of this problem and will release an update within 2-3 days.
  2. Fline 90% ready, sorry for the delay. but the update will be released tomorrow during the day. We're trying our best.

  3. Update Fline set to 80%, at the moment there is a revision of the basic code and testing to the new style error. Within 24 hours we will release an update.


    The other threads have to wait in interval of every 3-4 days. (Surface 2-3 days, t to work has already been started).

    1. Agent Shark

      Agent Shark

      Veilon, does this apply to Surface Dark? 

    2. Veilon


      April 26 - 27

    3. Agent Shark

      Agent Shark

      I appreciate the updates and am eagerly awaiting the update to Surface Dark.

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  4. Soon we will update all our themes for IPS 4.3
  5. Hi. We are aware of this problem. You haven't found a solution yet, but you can switch to the default template, make changes to blocks, and return to Surface.
  6. Update 4.3 for all themes is under active development. Soon we will update all our skins.

    Cheers! ^_^

  7. Hi!

    Global updates for Fline and Surface Dark in active development. Within 1-2 weeks, everything will be ready, then do Zeron and Senti. ^_^


  8. So is happening only in topic Zeron ? In standard-style such a there is no ?
  9. In the next update we will make them according to the standard, as well as return the possibility of a separate setting to register any SVG icons ) Sorry about the long answer.
  10. We no longer support this theme.
  11. What version of IPS do you use? And send a screenshot of slider settings to a PM.
  12. Write to the PM and I will solve this problem, but first answer newbie LAC on his question.
  13. Because of the new compression format of resources in IOS 4.2 using SVG icons using standard resource loader is not possible. As alternatives I can offer You 1. Replace icons in PNG Forum Node (Attached to the message). ASP -> Style -> Style Settings -> Forum Nodes -> Icon Not Icon Read, and Read (Need to upload images attached to the post) 2. Disable the pictures of icons Forum Nodes, and to include a version with Font Awesome icons APP -> Style Settings -> Forum Nodes -> Enable Images Icons ? (OFF) -> Enable custom icons for FA icons forums ? (ON) In the update, which will be released after the release of IOS 4.3 we correct the standard loaded icons with the extension SVG icons with PNG extension.
  14. You installed version 4.1.19 style on IPS version 4.2. Download style version 4.2 and install it
  15. Please contact me via PM and provide more information. We will be happy to help You at all.
  16. Thanks for the message. Soon we will fix it
  17. Hello! Please provide in PM the link to the website version of the forum and style You are using.
  18. Theme settings -> Backgrounds -> Highlighted Post Background and Highlighted Post Border
  19. Version 1.1.1 What's new: Minor Bug Fix 4.2.4 Compatibility
  20. Go to ACP -> Theme settings (Surface) -> Articles -> Articles OFF the articles block.
  21. Solutions: 1) Go to ACP -> Veizor Theme -> Edit css/html> CSS -> _veilon.css -> Make absolutely any change to a file (for Example You can write any letter, save the template, then remove the letter and re-save the template), thereby hashCode for resources to be updated and pictures should work. 2) Go to ACP -> Veizor Theme -> Theme Settings -> Forum Nodes -> Enable Images Icons - OFF Enable custom icons for FA icons forums - ON
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