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  1. 3 hours ago, kirosuto said:

    I've noticed a few small bugs and pulling them from the demo site to ensure it's not from any additions from my end.

    1. The section titles / title bars are showing the container's background / not true rounded

    2. There's inconsistency across the buttons. When we're first presented we see the SIGN IN and SIGN UP, both have opaque backgrounds. Then if we look at the buttons that are Create New Topic, Reply to this Topic, Create Event, [ + ] (quote), etc. they are fully transparent. Is this intentional?


    Hope these help!

    1 - Fixed

    2 - So conceived, but for You I the next version will make setting these buttons from AdminCP and You will be able to exchange them for ones that will be most convenient for You.

  2. Hot Fix Version 1.1.1

    What's new:

    1. Fix this
    2. Work in collaboration with third-party plugins

    3. Fixed white color in notifications

    4. Fixed settings '(SideBar Gradient) Title Background Second Color'

    5. And more...

    Next version 1.1.2 or 1.2 (In this version added a number of new features, including the slider)

    Some may not work SVG icons. The reason for this is unknown to us (They don't work only in units, others, including on our test site everything is OK), at the moment, work is underway to correct this error.

    The new manual (to Be video recorded) by adding icons to the navbar in the development...

  3. 17 hours ago, kirosuto said:
    .ipsBreadcrumb > ul > li {
      line-height: inherit;

    Not sure if this is intentional or not, but...


    1, the breadcrumbs are misaligned though I think this is because of the edits we made to go from SVG icons to FA glyph codes. I found a quick fix...

    .ipsBreadcrumb > ul > li {
      line-height: inherit;

    2, haven't looked into this one but I imagine it's a simple fix but wanted to bring that to your attention. 

    1.1.1 - Fix, Tonight or tomorrow morning will be another update ^_^

  4. Version 1.1

    What's new:

    1. In the subject added extra theme and CKEditor configuration.
    2. Added ability to remove forum border-radius from the style settings
    3. Added ability to select color settings for forms on Your forum
    4. Remade 'Forum Nodes', it adds more settings for Your convenience.
    5. Added tooltip for social icons in the footer, also they displayed in the style settings.
    6. Added more colors that you can change in settings (Theme Colors)
    7. Completed the mobile version of the style
    8. Added color selection to notify badge
    9. Fixed bug with parts of the calendar in the profile
    10. Fixed white colors that make my eyes hurt
    11. Fixed this
    12. And more...


  5. 1 hour ago, kirosuto said:

    Activity Stream > Date/Calendar boxes + Comment bubbles need some treatment...

    1.1 Fix

    Theme Settings -> Front End Color -> Light area background (Change Color)

    1 hour ago, kirosuto said:

    If I set your theme to Default, it messes up with the AdminCP formatting entirely...

    Use the default AdminCP theme
  6. 23 minutes ago, kirosuto said:

    It doesn't look like the Upcoming Widget is receiving the same treatment as the others (see screenshot). There's no padding/background to connect the Titlebar and each event.


    Refresh the page, this happens only when you exit the edit mode blocks.

    To fix the white color (will Fix in version 1.1) go to veilon.css or custom.css and add it to the bottom

    .ipsWidget .ipsCalendarDate { background: you color !important; }


  7. Version 1.0.1

    What's new ? :

    1. Added settings totally change the color of all the buttons on the forum

    2. Added option to hide button in 'guestMessage'               56e16a7556f4a_screen(2).thumb.png.993b45

    3. New section added 'Header' where you can make a fixed header and otherwise to set the colors                                      56e16a9c5643f_screen(1).thumb.png.c458c3

    4. Fixed background color in the form of an answer                                fixed.png

    5. Fixed bugs in unit 'Popular Contributors'

    6. Fixed this


    7. General edits

    8. And more...

  8. 19 hours ago, g1nt3r said:

    Hello Denis, so a couple bugs I wanted to point out. I fixed most of them myself but so you can update the theme

    • Wrong background colors in the Private Messaging conversation page (fixed myself)
    • Custom Forum Icons don't lower in opacity when a forum is read (fixed myself, still a couple issues with it tho)
    • Forum Title does't go BOLD when there are unread topics in the forums (cannot figure out how to fix)

    Basically I love the theme however I feel that it doesn't push hard enough that there are unread topic in any given forum.


    Kinda made it my own


    18 hours ago, g1nt3r said:



    Here an example

    All fixed and in the next update (1.0.1) will not happen anymore. Thanks for the info! :)

  9. 18 hours ago, Fredss said:

    No demo site?


    15 hours ago, Martin1980 said:

    Not to be annoying, but it will not help your sales if you got a private 'demo' site. People would like to see a demo, without taking too much steps. 

    Just my 2 cents. 

    The demo site I can provide on request in private messages.

    Added a DEMO site specifically for Your requests.

  10. 11 hours ago, Gabriel Torres said:

    @Denis M, it is working now. Thanks. But there is a silly formatting error. The plugin adds a blank space between the bot name and the comma. See attached screenshot.



    Let's see if You have an extra problem in setting the 'Display option'
    11 hours ago, Gabriel Torres said:

    PS: it would be awesome if you could expand this plugin to also include this page: http://[forum_url]/online/

    Will do in next updates
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