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  1. 18 hours ago, Archi62 said:


    I have recently began using your skin again and I love the features, however what I want is my background image to be fixed at all times, pretty much that when you scroll, the wallpaper remains in place. I have been looking around in the CSS but honestly I don't know where to look at all. Any help is greatly appriciated.

    Thank you for your purchase, please contact us in PM about your problem in more detail.

  2. Version 1.1.3

    What's new:

    • Bug fix
    • The code, preparation of style to upgrading to 2.0


    A little bit about version 2.0...

    • It will be added a number of new features
    • New elements of material design
    • Will be recycled by the style settings
    • Will be redesigned responsive layout


    14 hours ago, SammyS said:

    As for me I wrote you a PM 2 weeks ago

    You did not provide the correct data from the ACP, so I wasn't able to help You.

  3. On 10.08.2016 at 11:53 PM, David Wu said:

    Hello, I've managed to have a fairly easy time customizing the theme but there are a few portions that I can't seem to edit without going into the CSS/HTML.

    • Navigation Icons at the top switch between "White" and "Teal". I understand they're likely .PNG images but I would like to download them and edit the coloring so they're more inline with the current color theme I have set.
    • The downward arrow next to 'Create' to the right of the top search bar is also teal. I'd also like to be able to locate that image file and change the color of it as well.
    • Any text entered into the top search bar is shown in teal as well. I would like to change the coloring on that as well.
    • The text 'Home' right above the actual forums are also teal. This is something else I would like to change.

    Could you direct me to where I would be able to find this and edit it? Thank you.


    I will be easier (Just faster ^_^) to do it for You myself. If you want to send data from forum PM.

    9 hours ago, ArMaTeC said:

    1. Search bar with the drop down
    2. No need to re-upload logos and settings when you update
    3. Custom backgrounds list and also random picking from that list
    4. Admin ACP them is all messed up (founts match background in the template editor)

    Thanks for the idea, 3 unfortunately could not be realized with this slider position.

  4. On 06.08.2016 at 1:59 AM, Lunars said:

    If I were to purchase this and made some custom tinkering... how would I prevent the changes from being wiped when a new update of this theme comes out?

    Not all updates require a reinstall of style

    3 minutes ago, Lunars said:

    How do you readd in the Group Icon in posts?

    Please restate Your question.

  5. 6 hours ago, xCyrus said:

    For this background editing... I do not have that PSD that you are using to even accomplish that, also I don't understand the language your photoshop is in, I am satisfied with the template, just missing the PSD part to do a background, I love it none the less!

    I will record a video lesson with the interface in English. It does not need to have a PSD, I just showed how it will look in the end. Thanks for the support ^_^

  6. On 24.07.2016 at 11:11 AM, Chakalov said:


    Any idea why when installing the theme on our board it's only giving an arror saying "Something went wrong. Check the values provided on the marked tabs and try again."


    IPBoard version is, theme is just bought so should be the latest version.

    Thanks in advance!

    In the near future will release a fix.

  7. 2 hours ago, d2dyno said:

    That's almost never the right way to get help. @Veilon is very responsive if you took the time to look back at previous issues I reported. Please don't bring toxicity or rudeness here.

    Thank you, I am very pleased to hear that. :lol:

    On 24.07.2016 at 11:08 PM, SammyS said:

    At least you should say in your publication that you dont offer any help

    I bought several themes here and its normal that an designer help his buyers to use what they boughy, especially when he requires a charge of renewal. Now I will have to request help and pay for use something you sell

    Please provide access to Your forum PM. I can't reproduce these problems on the test forums.

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