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  1. 1. Fline ready. After finishing the work on updating the rest of the styles to 4.3, we will begin more painstaking work on the flyer and bring it to the ideal.

    2. Surface is 50% finished. For today - tomorrow I hope to finish and post it.

    3 - 4. Zeron and Veizor will be ready on April 27-30

    5. Matter and Senti will be ready at the beginning of may


    Sorry for the delay, at a study session didn't have time. Soon we will completely recycle all our products according to new requirements and standards.

    1. Agent Shark

      Agent Shark



      Still no update on Surface Dark. What’s going on?

    2. Veilon


      The updates are a bit delayed due to 4.3 changes, but in the coming days we will release new versions.

    3. Agent Shark

      Agent Shark

      Posting for updates. Hope all is well.

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