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Status Updates posted by Veilon

  1. We are in the process of updating all the themes to IPS 4.5. Thank you for your patience.

    1. 403 - Forbiddeen
    2. Pleeb


      Excitingly waiting for Surface Dark 🙂

  2. We are preparing a global update for all our styles.  Also now are in development:

    1. New gaming Style
    2. White Surface
    3. New style features
    4. Advanced documentation for working with styles -> docs.veilon.net (In development)
    5. Veilon Site Development
    6. New Articles Plugin

    We are also pleased to inform you that now you can buy a plugin that will remove all copyrights from our styles Buy 🔼

    Cheers! Thank you for choosing our products. :happy:

  3. The update for Zeron is in progress.

    This is not an ordinary update under 4.3. In it, we added all the new features that I implemented in our other styles, as well as completely corrected all the errors found and reconstructed the settings menu.


    Veizor most likely will be released no later than may 7-8 (We will make every effort to get to this time).


    Senti, Matter will receive updates within the next week.

  4. 1. Fline ready. After finishing the work on updating the rest of the styles to 4.3, we will begin more painstaking work on the flyer and bring it to the ideal.

    2. Surface is 50% finished. For today - tomorrow I hope to finish and post it.

    3 - 4. Zeron and Veizor will be ready on April 27-30

    5. Matter and Senti will be ready at the beginning of may


    Sorry for the delay, at a study session didn't have time. Soon we will completely recycle all our products according to new requirements and standards.

    1. Agent Shark

      Agent Shark



      Still no update on Surface Dark. What’s going on?

    2. Veilon


      The updates are a bit delayed due to 4.3 changes, but in the coming days we will release new versions.

    3. Agent Shark

      Agent Shark

      Posting for updates. Hope all is well.

  5. Fline 90% ready, sorry for the delay. but the update will be released tomorrow during the day. We're trying our best.

  6. Update Fline set to 80%, at the moment there is a revision of the basic code and testing to the new style error. Within 24 hours we will release an update.


    The other threads have to wait in interval of every 3-4 days. (Surface 2-3 days, t to work has already been started).

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Agent Shark

      Agent Shark

      Veilon, does this apply to Surface Dark? 

    3. Veilon


      April 26 - 27

    4. Agent Shark

      Agent Shark

      I appreciate the updates and am eagerly awaiting the update to Surface Dark.

  7. Update 4.3 for all themes is under active development. Soon we will update all our skins.

    Cheers! ^_^

  8. Hi!

    Global updates for Fline and Surface Dark in active development. Within 1-2 weeks, everything will be ready, then do Zeron and Senti. ^_^


  9. A new-style and global update for all our current styles are already in the works. :thumbsup:

  10. In 1-2 days will be released a minor update for all styles (except Veizor Light, Daewo, Senti) with minor modifications color details and settings.

  11. Blog 24.03.2017

    Update of Matter is ready. Now correct the errors. Within 1-2 days of release.

    Then we almost finished up the White Surface, and after it You will receive a brand new, incredible style!


  12. Prepared updates for

    • Veizor
    • Veizor Light
    • Matter
    • Zeron
    • Surface

    There are very few


    1. Veilon


      Update of Matter is ready. Now correct the errors. Within 1-2 days of release.

      Then we almost finished up the White Surface, and after it You will receive a brand new, incredible style!

  13. Prepared updates for

    • Veizor
    • Veizor Light
    • Matter
    • Zeron

    What's new ?

    1. Bug Fix
    2. Adaptation for IPS 4.1.17
    3. New settings
    4. Introduction the skin (Veilon Based Framework v 1.0)

    Sorry for the delay, but we want to try as much as possible ready and protezirovanie product to you in the future encounter problems! Thank you for understanding

    Also we are developing new dark (will come first very soon) and light (will follow later) skin :thumbsup:

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    2. Veilon


      @ Melissa Moore Of course, we support all themes

    3. Ember Stone

      Ember Stone

      I mean when the update will be available?

    4. Veilon


      Melissa Moore, We are working on updates and a new theme, soon it will all be available. If you have any urgent bugfixes, please send it in a private message, thank you.

  14. Dear buyers styles from Veilon Tech!

    At the moment we are working on updating the entire line of styles 4.1.13 (Adaptation for the new version, fixed all bugs, adding new features).

    The update will be available in the coming days.

  15. Working on updates Veizor, Veizor Light and Daewo.

    Next, you will be developed a new game style, soon you will see its layout :thumbsup:.

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