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  1. I am getting a lot of spam registrations from outlook.com emails. How can I set it up so that all registrations just need email verification (ie click the link) UNLESS they have an outlook.com address in which case I need to manually approve it also?
  2. Can we get a separate setting for flood control limits on new thread creation versus any new content?
  3. Thanks, somehow some   had been replaced by actual spaces in my theme file and it threw up the errors...
  4. Looks like this needs to be updated pursuant to the latest IPB update
  5. We can't see some of the forum titles when going to move a post
  6. Hello, unread topics in my forum list are currently bolded, because of this I believe: .ipsDataItem_unread .ipsDataItem_title { font-weight: bold; } Please tell me how to remove the bold.
  7. Can you tell me the CSS fix? I have updated my theme, cleared cache and the issue is still there.
  8. I've always installed it as a fresh theme, when the forum software was upgraded I was still using v2.x of this theme, hence my comment earlier here. Ignore that comment and the one before it. I have installed version 3.x of Behemoth as a new theme when I made this comment. Issued confirmed. I installed another new version just for you and changed the logo only. Result is attached. I have pmed my site to you.
  9. I have noticed the notifications bubble getting cut off as attached
  10. Sorry I was using a 2.x version of the theme when I made that comment... I haven't updated my IPS in a while!
  11. This no longer works as a result of the new IPB version update
  12. Certain elements of this theme are now mis aligned etc as a result of the new IPB version update
  13. Just to be clear I did the cache clear, uninstall etc too (and edited and saved the settings once the module was placed). Hope you can get to the bottom of it at some stage
  14. Same issue, I have found another plugin that will work. Thanks though
  15. Plugin is broken. The block never appears. Which forums it should display topics from is never saved.
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