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  1. Thank you to everyone who provided a response to assist me. It seems there was some issues on IPBs side, and has since been resolved. But, I will keep this information for future reference, in the event I run into this issue again.
  2. I haven't ever set up any tasks. I have located a tasks page via the admin CP, but they where created by the system when the community was set up. I have submitted an official support ticket, so I am awaiting a response at the moment.
  3. Hi everyone... Before I contact support, does anyone have a fix for this: Maintenance Tasks Not Running Your community is configured to run routine maintenance tasks using a cron, however, it does not appear to be running. This will cause significant damage to your community if not resolved. Please run the support tool, and submit a ticket for technical support if this does not resolve the issue. Fix this After fixing the issue you may want to hide this notification until tomorrow as it will not automatically dismiss until the backlog has cleared. Now, before you ask... I've already disabled 3rd party enhancements (like plugins, themes, etc...). No such luck, as I still have the message. I've tried searching the forum board for a similar issue, but no success. Thank you for any assistance.
    Has anyone had any luck with getting this to work with the most current version of IPB? 4.3.4
  4. Thanks a lot for the information R-023. I appreciate it.
  5. Thank you R-023. How would I go about setting a second password?
  6. How can I be sure that my moderators DO NOT have access to the Admin CP? I know there used to be a selector for that, to allow or disallow them the access. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Or is it built into the group itself? Can only those in the Administrator group access the Admin CP?
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