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  1. Thanks for testing 4.2

    Running on 4.2, all members and my forum staff are very positief Its running smoothly, fast, and looks beautiful And as always, love testing Alpha and Beta
  2. YouTube embedding issue

    I have reported this issue in the past to ips, there is no solution for this.
  3. Remove "this member is not awaiting validation" error

    We have this problem also, somehow the validation doesn't work a lot of times.. When people click on the link there account is already validated, automatic... Ips can't reproduce...
  4. Upgrade from 3.4 to 4.1: all translations GONE!

    IPS is a company, so you have to pay! And be happy with some free stuff made by others..
  5. I have this on my test site, 4.1.16 Alpha 8 (php7)
  6. Suggestion: topic moderator

    Love to see this!
  7. IPS Marketplace = useless

    I don't agree, there are a lot of nice and useful apps and plugins.
  8. [This sait] Issue All Activity

    If think Charles make it very clear the past few days to submit a ticked for al issues includes This Site problems. So the best is submit a ticked, my advise
  9. Bug - 4.1.15

    Yes that point i have taken at your first massage , and a good thing to have real bugs only at your tracker filtered by ips So we can follow still the reports, good enough for my also and i hope for those know where to look it stays accessible to look into the bug tracker. Thats all I love to see
  10. Current bug situation

    Same thought it's most likely that a bug already reported at the client area from the normal live version and that you're discovering the same bug at your test version, and making a double report at the alpha and beta tracker. My thought, waste of time then (to clarify, time from the people that submit the double already knowing bug) and I'm waiting for now with testing until it is known what the new road from ips is. My thought are If ips don't want an open report tracker where people can submit bugs, make make at least a bug known base or something. Ps, I'm saying my thoughts because of another post where I had a reply back about this subject that it is not up to my to worry about this. But whatever ips decide, it is their software and community so I will always respect their decision.
  11. Bug - 4.1.15

    I think you have misunderstood me Charles. But clear statement, end of story than
  12. Bug - 4.1.15

    Except that we do not know now If we throw time away by reporting double bugs at the cliënt area. Or is IPS submitting bugs in the tracker now for us if we report at the cliënt area ?
  13. Current bug situation

    Please reconsider the closure of the Bug Tracker On this way, the power users don't now of a bug is already submitted and what state it has. Also I'm reporting on my community the state of a bug, and that is not possible now. I found the bug tracker a nice and clear system, I love to use it, please reconsider or give the power user permissions to submit bugs
  14. Editor overhaul

    HTML is already a standard built-in option.