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  1. .. Liked I expected, after a couple hours it sorted itself out. You can close this.
  2. Whenever I login to my account and visit "mydomainurl.com/forums/" it automatically logs me out. It only does this when I visit the main page on that specific url. Meaning, I can visit topics and anything else on my forum as long as the url isn't just "mydomainurl.com/forums/". After the initial login I'm able to visit the main page just fine because the url is "mydomainurl.com/forums/?_fromLogin=1". But the moment the link is just "mydomainurl.com/forums/" it automatically logs me out... This problem is only happening on Google Chrome, not entirely sure why.. was very sudden as well, I didn't even touch anything that would cause this. I've logged in on Firefox and Safari and it didn't happen on either one. I've tried clearing cookies, cache, etc. (pretty much every option it gives me to clear) and still no fix. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? It's rather annoying x.x If not, I can just use Firefox for now and hope Chrome sorts itself out eventually, lol.
  3. Is there any way to disable post feed on profiles? As in, when you a new post/thread it doesn't show up on profiles of those who are following you, as well as your own.
  4. Yes, I am running the latest version. The section is set so regular members can only reply/view their own threads, while staff can view/reply to all threads in that section. A member of mine showed me that they were able to see the posts that were made in that section to threads (that weren't to their own thread) on profile post feeds. I've disabled the board for now until I can figure out what's causing it '~'
  5. That's how I had it set up. But the posts made in those sections till showed up on users post feeds on profiles. For all users, even if they couldn't see the thread.
  6. So.. a problem I've encountered recently is that in one of my support boards when a staff member responds to a thread, their post shows up in their post feed on their profile as well as the profiles of people who are following that member... Which kind of destroys the whole 'privacy' part of the section. Only people who are supposed to see those posts are the member who created the thread in the support section + staff members on my forum. I've gone over my permissions and nothing seems to fix the issue, How can I go about fixing this problem...?
  7. Is there anyway to disable specific members from using the @mention function? or some type of workaround if anything.
  8. There any way to force all my members to change their passwords upon next visit to the forum?
  9. So, I've noticed that the activity stream doesn't show all activity. By that I mean, sections that contain threads only visible to the person who created it as well as moderators, don't show up in the stream. So I was wondering if it was possible to show those threads as well, but still honoring permissions of course.
  10. Currently the post feed widget shows recent replies and shows the same thread if there were multiple replies to it, but I want it to only show different threads, no duplicates. Sort of how the thread feed widget shows threads that were recently updated/replied to (if set to update like that), but Instead of just showing the thread and who made it, I want it to show who made the reply and to what thread. For example: Three threads - Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3 Currently it would show... 1. Recent Reply to 'thread 1' 2. Recent reply to 'thread 1' 3. Recent reply to 'thread 1' if the 3 most recent replies were to thread 1 What I want it to show is... 1. Recent Reply to 'thread 1' 2. Recent reply to 'thread 2' 3. Recent reply to 'thread 3' Dunno how to really explain it >.> hopefully you understand what I'm trying to get at lol.
  11. Is there any way to provide a ban reason that shows to the member that is banned? If I ban them manually via ACP that is.
  12. kind of suck when it comes to things like this >.> how exactly would I apply that? or is that a possible solution to the problem for the author? xD
  13. No solution yet i'm guessing?
  14. How can I make it so a post has to be at a least a minimum # of characters for it to be posted?
  15. Whenever I try to save the following settings for a group, they reset to 1 upon saving: With the exception of how many times the group can change their display name. Any idea how to stop it from resetting back to 1?
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