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    10/10 Theme loving it! https://runesuite.org for anyone curious on how it looks with my vision
  2. Thanks alot for the help and fast responses i really appreciate it! http://prntscr.com/kizqka i got a problem with the icons showing up on the right and not like how they show on the demo: http://prntscr.com/kizr8t
  3. thanks got it sorted just a question how do i make the landing page the default page?
  4. hey theme is a 10/10 love it was wondering how to get the social links to show?
  5. I did not get any errors while installing is that the support tool you mean?
  6. Hello again im not sure what im doing wrong im modifying points and when i press save i get this
  7. Every time i try to add an item i get this:
    Amazing plugin Amazing support
  8. Honestly this is a feature ipb should come with
  9. Can you add so you need to reply to thread to view links?
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