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  1. I have been told that my trouble ticket (see ticket "search functionality problem #1043971") needs to be submitted here. Thus this posting. Search functionality needs to optionally allow for quoted text to be searched in a specific instance.
  2. I guess this fell on deaf ears. Oh well. It is still something I would like to see.
  3. What is a "content block"? I'm clueless.
  4. We are very active users of the calendar and upcoming events panel. Most of our members are seniors who are computer challenged, and so when they create an event is just "easier" to configure a repeating event to have it repeat "forever". We know from experience that nothing lasts forever, and so we would like to see an ACP option to configure the repeating events panel to actually NOT show the "forever" option. Forever may make sense for others, and so we are not asking that it simply be removed. Make it an ACP configurable option to remove it for our website, please. Thanks.
  5. I request an enhancement for IPS-4 to be able to receive an email into one specific forum for "archiving" purposes. Configuration should allow me to restrict the acceptable incoming email address(es) that would automatically be posted as a new thread (not a reply to an existing thread). Incoming email (presumably to a special email address) from an authorized email address would be accepted. Incoming email from any unauthorized email address would not be posted, and some kind of rejection message would be returned to that unauthorized email address.
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