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  1. This is an amazing plugin! Is this inspired by @Insydius? I saw their original topic and wondered if you'd made this plugin for them! Lol. Am glad it's on the marketplace. A few RPG forum owners have asked me if there is an IPS plugin for this and now I can direct them here!


    Can I post a review without purchasing? My coadmin buys our add-ons see, and we might get this just for fun lol

  2. 9 hours ago, Simon Woods said:

    Judging by what was said above. Seems like this app + Commerce = what Patreon does. Although I'm mostly guessing.

    Oh, I thought this was a widget for patreon, my bad!

    HOWEVER... makes me think I wanna do this instead of Patreon, lol.

  3. 14 hours ago, bfarber said:

    We've not made any changes yet

    I've made a similar suggestion in the past and with version 4 becoming more familiar as a framework to people it seems like an excellent time to improve this invaluable resource in this way.

  4. On 08/07/2017 at 6:05 PM, Makoto said:

    I like this idea. You could take it a step further and allow restricting specific reactions to member groups, so high ranking members could give a unique award like reaction to a post with an extra boost in reputation to go with it. 

    Yes, this is a good idea. Since you can already assign -1, 0 and +1 it seems the framework is in already? So increasing the values should be relatively doable without having to code a whole new framework (knows nothing about coding of course lol). I imagine this was already discussed during Reactions development (maybe this is why this topic was promoted, @Joel R? Someone on the team advocated for this during development and wanted to highlight the popularity?) so one has to wonder why IPS chose not to go with it?

  5. 27 minutes ago, DanLemX said:

    This application is really great, but it would be nice if the adverts can be for services and not just physical items.   Under "Item Condition", I can't leave that blank if the advert is about a service, a job posting or any other type of "classified" ad.  

    Will you consider updating the app to allow non physical items to be listed (ie: Job Posting, Services, etc...)

    So atm something like digital commissions (like art) cannot be advertised using this application?

  6. 4 hours ago, Joel R said:

    To give more naunce to the above reply, S3 is cheap for storage but expensive for bandwidth. If you are using S3 to store and deliver your media, then yes you are probably getting screwed.  If you are using S3 to store your media, and a CDN to deliver your media, then it will be much much cheaper.  It was able to cut my Amazon bill in half by setting up a cheap CDN.  

    We have attachments and gallery images on S3. We are a small site, the traffic is on the main page where barely any S3 hosted images are.

    So basically contact IPS via a ticket and get them to sort it then?

  7. My site made the switch to S3 last week and some of my members and myself are still experiencing broken images. Since there are those who see them I have to assume it's member side and not Amazon. So any help to remedy this? I've cleared cache, flushed DNS, restarted, etc...

  8. On 10/01/2017 at 11:28 PM, SammyS said:

    Great news! at this point Adriano should be some kind of associate of IPB, as he´s developing and supporting a lot of apps for us

    I have said many times that they should hire him, he is fantastic, I love this man!

    23 hours ago, Joey_M said:

    Way to go @Adriano Faria, you deserve a medal mate.


    Or perhaps we could give him an... award. -snerk-

  9. 22 hours ago, Lindy said:

    IPS Connect is a development resource for SSO. We support it in as far as providing the framework and resolving bugs is concerned, however, making it work for your application is not something that's supported via the client system. 

    Thanks Lindy. Is this written down somewhere?

    @Jibeji, can you tell me how your needs fit within the scope of what Lindy just outlined for us there?


    Edit: just saw Laughter's post.



    "As your team works so closely with the code on a daily basis, they might not realize that the documentation they write may make sense to some of the audience but not all."


    This is what I was trying to ascertain from the op.



     The documentation you have provided in support of IPS Connect and other products most certainly could benefit from some additional details and examples. 

    And I absolutely agree with this. Some editors or troubleshooters could be employed here.



    It might be beneficial to provide your customers with a better understanding of the use cases where IPS Connect might be appropriate (or not) as it might allay misunderstandings and frustration on both sides.  Your SSO Service package could also benefit from a better explanation as to what additional functionality your value add-service provides over that of IPS Connect. 

    This is very important too, not saying this it what happened here, it's just something I have come across as a customer.

  10. 42 minutes ago, liquidfractal said:

    In my experience, the #1 rule of web stuff: it's almost always worth paying a little bit more $ to sleep easier with good, professional support.

    This is why my CMS software is IPS and my VPS provider is vpslatch/DimeNOC.  Two top-notch companies, hands down.

    Cannot agree more with this, and with the OP. IPS 4 lyfe. :p

  11. 11 minutes ago, Jibeji said:

    I am sure there are many people happy, but I am not.


    You, like all the staff, misquote what I asked. I didn't ask you to troubleshoot nor write my code, I was asking a question!

    Do your customers have to reverse engineer IPS Connect to use it?

    I am wondering how the very talented third party developers can help if you do not even deign to answer the questions.

    What is your precise issue with IPS connect?

    What is the support given to IPS connect within their ToS?

  12. 7 hours ago, Joel R said:

    This is interesting because I think one of the greatest innovations in v4 was Activity Streams, which is ... chronologically based.  And therefore fits more of the mold of social media streams.  Which is one step away from Facebook's Messenger (just add interactive actions such as reply, like, etc.)  

    The important difference is that when the content drops off the feed it is easily found again because of how IPS apps are organised. Easily searchable. Trying to find something I saw in my Facebook feed a week ago requires lots of scrolling and frustration. Lol

  13. I think that there is this option already, at least there is for forum (can't remember right now about pages).

    If you mean something like scheduled posts like on WordPress or queued posts like on tumblr, I agree this is a needed feature on IPS. Am fairly sure they don't have that.

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