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  1. Is there a way to reverse the sort order of posts within a topic, so the latest post is first?
  2. Same problem... @Pseudonym @Batnik did either of you get it sorted? Thanks
  3. Thanks @Admonstrator that did the trick for use profile and header photos. Still haven't found the setting for blog header images?? Also, new problem, the gallery is re-sizing images to the correct dimensions but it's keeping the original very large files. Is there somewhere to say don't keep original image files? Steve
  4. I'm struggling with settings to control the size of certain uploaded images. I've found System > Settings > Posting, and set to max 1200px, which appears to work for images added to forum and blog posts. I've found Community > Gallery > Settings, and set to max 1200px, which appears to work for gallery uploads. Is there a similar setting somewhere for user profile pictures? And for blog cover pictures? Thanks
  5. Sorry to bump this, but any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Agree, it is rather on the large side! I like auto embed, but some controls would be preferred, and there really isn't a need for it to be so massive when a user can click full screen if they choose.
  7. Hi Tom Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but a while back when I first signed up you'd said create a child theme, rename it, and personalise it, then when you release a new version I can just update the parent/original Agile and I shouldn't lose my amends. So I did all that, but the updates aren't filtering down to my child theme. Should they? Or do I have to upload the new Agile over the top of my child version? If so, then would I lose any amends? Thanks Steve
  8. Any ideas when that will be? Just roughly, days/weeks/months??
  9. I just tried it at this url: http://www.metalgearweb.it/test/index.php?/topic/11027-ground-zeroes-sezioni-e-suggerimenti/ ...and it all looks great, long breadcrumbs visible fine, as below:
  10. No worries, it works now! Your Agile demo doesn't use icons on the menu items so it's not possible to see if you have the same bug. Not sure if this helps, but I've looked at the code on our /contact page and it appears to be this css making the aditional icon appear: #ipsLayout_mainNav > li:nth-child(2) > a::before { content: ""; }
  11. There's no theme menu for me...
  12. The site works, but it's not coming up as the Agile theme, so no icons used that would show up as per the bug.
  13. Please can you provide a link to your Agile demo? It's not working from your site.
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