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    SC36DC reacted to AtariAge in Reactions in private messages   
    Yes, I also want reactions in PMs, and it would be very nice to have.  I've often caught myself wanting to react to a PM, only to be brought back to reality when I realized I cannot do so.  I personally am involved in many long private conversations involving several people, and it would be great to react to individual messages the same way you can do in the forum.  In fact, it seems like an odd omission not being able to do so.
    One of my members started a thread asking for this feature back in December, and someone else just bumped it today, which prompted me to come over to this forum to take a look if anyone had suggested it.  
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    SC36DC reacted to Myr in 4.5 Beta 5 - Page Builder: Text Widget   
    Okay 🙂
    any chance of getting a more versatile option for those of us that desire them? 
    And yes, I know I can fuss around with code, but that's time consuming for those of us that don't do it day in and day out. 🙂
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    SC36DC reacted to Myr in 4.5 Beta 5 - Page Builder: Text Widget   
    Can we get the Page Builder: Text Widget with the rich text editor or can we get the WYSIWYG Widget with the advanced settings of the Page Builder: Text?

    It feels awfully odd to get a text box where you can't edit anything about the text and call it a Page Builder: Text.  What is the use case for that?
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    SC36DC reacted to AmericanRev2 in Invision Community Blogs Review - R U Wrong About Blogs App?   
    My site is 4 years old, and ill admit i always thought the blogs app was dumb, i really thought that anything the blogs could do the forums could do.
    About 6 mths ago i started looking at them and thinking about what can they do that i am missing.
    We recently got a nice site donation that gave us some extra funds to play with so I went for it and got the blogs. 
    And let me tell you THEY ARE AWESOME! you must have this add-on - 
    @aXen | 1s2k

    and also an add-on that has yet to release, (not sure if he is going to release it?) that will allow you to move threads into blogs ..
    Look at what i was able to do here with old content...
    Now i am so excited to comb the boards for "like" content and create blogs out of the content. it really is amazing so far and very fun!
    See my site blogs here - https://www.mymilitia.com/blogs/ 
    Cant wait to see how the membership uses blogs to add to the community!
    If you was like me and hesitant to add the blogs to your community, Do it! Do it now... everyone is stuck at home with nothing better to do!! Blogs are back!
    If you are interested in turning your old content into new blogs! Let the amazing  @Adriano Faria know.
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    SC36DC reacted to IPCommerceFan in I want to use commerce for apparel, but feel stuck   
    Just want to say a Printful integration would be amazing.  Not saying it needs to be core functionality, however if an application/plugin were available in the market for such integration, it would be a godsend.
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    SC36DC reacted to Morrigan in I guess more of a question about 4.5 beta   
    Should the ACP be pulling things from my default theme?
    It never has before (especially since they were separate before) but I'm seeing random elements that are obviously from my default theme that I'm adjusting and its a little weird. I need to know if I should be reporting it as a bug or if this is the expected behavior.

    I overloaded the default spinner with a gif of my own on my default theme and this is something I'm seeing. I see it on the main theme as well so I know that its a theme issue but is that expected behavior in the ACP, to see my front end changes like that?
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    SC36DC reacted to breatheheavy in Get rid of unnecessary duplication of elements   
    I actually used css to hide the author name and date that would appear underneath the title because it was redundant 😊

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    SC36DC got a reaction from breatheheavy in Embed Instagram Stories   
    I agree with this. Would be another nice addition to IPB. 
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    SC36DC reacted to breatheheavy in Embed Instagram Stories   
    LOVE this idea. Stories on our forum! Omg why didn't I think of this. This would be SO cool. I bet it can even be done without the app. 
    Members can upload stories to the forum, which display for members who follow one another. 
    It's yet another effective component of social media that should be integrated into IPB to encourage members to stay on/engage in forums more than social media. It's also a compelling way for members to follow one another. @opentype
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    SC36DC reacted to bfarber in PM Attached image - issue   
    This has already been resolved for the next beta build, but yes in the future please post bugs in the bug tracker. 🙂 
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    SC36DC got a reaction from Feretorix in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
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    SC36DC reacted to Kouren in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    Thank you for the response, but I feel like we might not be on quite the same page.
    The current iteration of custom items is perfect for our needs, as they aren't actually "items" but custom-made artwork and virtual rewards not related to forum/community functions. Users being able to buy/use an item and needing it to be manually rewarded by a mod is completely fine, as it fits the distribution process. There's no need for address information or anything additional on the user's end.
    My concern is related to the time frame between using/redeeming an item and the item actually being awarded. I.e. right now, if a user buys and uses a custom item immediately, if they miss that "purchase" pop up, there's no way for them to tell they bought anything. There's no record of it in their inventory (because it's been used), nor in their log (because it doesn't show here). If that popup is missed, they won't know they bought anything until it's awarded.
    Having said that, the second part of our inquiry was actually more important to our needs. Would you advise if a word count-based point reward is possible? Per post is "okay," but per word would be ideal for our community.
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    SC36DC reacted to TheJackal84 in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    No mate it only starts from the install date
    you would probably be better off getting a custom add-on made for your item, if you are selling lots of them and constantly then a add-on would make sense, with a add-on the items can do nearly anything you wanted when redeemed, for example I have made add-ons what adds data to another database when redeemed, one what will pop up and ask the members for information to manually post a item to them with a address field etc, items what will start a download of a file when redeemed and so on, it's limitless basically if using custom add-ons, if your interested send me a PM and we can talk more
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    SC36DC reacted to Kouren in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    Thank you for this plugin! It's a great fit for my community.
    Our group uses custom items extensively, though, and we have two things we'd like to see if possible:
    When a user purchases (and activates) a custom item, they get a pop-up saying it's been used. Would it be possible to also add the event to a user's log? Currently, confirmation is received via PM once it's awarded, but it would be nice if users could also track their purchases through their log, since there's no other way to tell a custom item was bought after it's been used (until it's awarded). Is it possible to have points awarded per word as an option? Not all engagement is equal in our community, and it would be very nice to be able to appropriately reward people who invest more effort into their contributions.
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    SC36DC reacted to opentype in Font Awesome 6   
    Have some proof for that? I mean the comparison of calling and caching a webfont once vs. calling all that CSS + JavaScript + single SVG graphics. What are the loading times and execution times for both cases when used on an IPS installation? I am happy to be convinced of improvements, but I am a little sceptical. Newer doesn’t automatically equal more efficient—which is quite obvious when sticking with your car example, where tons of new features in a car might actually raise the fuel consumption. 😉
    In any case, as you know, the suggested native implementation of 5 and 6 are not downwards compatible, so a large amount of theme templates needs to be touched, which creates conflicts for modified templates during upgrade. And of course every theme designer would also need to update every template in each of his or her themes that uses FA4. And then there are other 3rd-party templates, like my Pages templates, which also make use of FA4, which would all break and require updating through me and the users, which entered FA4 codes in their settings …. Considering all this, it’s no surprise should IPS decide to postpone an upgrade until a major releases (like 5.0) that might restructure and touch all templates anyway. 
    To be clear: Not that I have anything against an upgrade of Font Awesome. I might like it when it’s there. But looking at the bigger picture—as explained—I tend to believe that the cost–benefit analysis might not swing so easily to “overwhelming benefits” as your first post or that entertaining FontAwesome ad want to make it appear. 
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    SC36DC reacted to Matt in Facebook - How Long Will It Live?   
    It'll evolve as most products do. It's still pulling in millions of active users, it has ties with Instagram and WhatsApp so I can't see it going anywhere for a long while.
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    SC36DC reacted to Matt in Has Social Media taken over Forums   
    No, they haven't.

    What you are seeing are conversational forums moving towards centralised services, like Facebook. Before social media, forums were the only way to bring people together. More often than not, they were based around an interest (movies, music, sports, etc) but a fair number existed purely to hang out.

    Those 'hang out' forums are better suited to social media.

    A lot of forums didn't keep up with the times and traffic dwindled over time as other people set up similar communities elsewhere.

    A successful community needs work to grow it, and you need wrap-around content to drive people to your discussion areas.
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    SC36DC reacted to Matt in xf2 Member Search   
    What's your suggestion?
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    SC36DC reacted to Matt in Has the Coronavirus effected your life?   
    We're all good here. It's certainly helped that the weather has been fantastic. I couldn't imagine going through this in the depths of winter, when it's dark at 3pm and raining constantly. Let's hope there isn't a round 2!

    Life here in the UK is starting to feel a bit more normal. Take-aways are opening up again along with non-essential retailers soon. I find I have to pick my time to go shopping to avoid queueing outside for too long. It's definitely a pain when you want to go to 2-3 shops and realise you need to spend 10-30 mins waiting outside for each.

    Things are getting better, and not worse at least.
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    SC36DC got a reaction from Michael.J in Videos Support   
    If the application is already Enabled, did you go to your Menu Manager in the ACP under System>Menu Manager? You then click 'Add Item' and select 'Videos', you can drag it and place it where you want in your menu, it defaults placing and newly added item first (at the top). When done make sure to click 'Publish this menu'. This will add it to your menu, if it didn't already once you installed and enabled it.

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    SC36DC reacted to cdymlr in Template System   
    Is there a live demo of this yet?
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    SC36DC got a reaction from Dads 101 in Classifieds System   
    In my main menu, I took off all submenu items, so there is only the link to 'Classifieds'. In the profile dropdown, there of course still is the Classifieds section with My Adverts, My Renewals, My Wish List, New Advert options. At least this way, both aren't repeated. 
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    SC36DC got a reaction from Maxxius in Classifieds System   
    In my main menu, I took off all submenu items, so there is only the link to 'Classifieds'. In the profile dropdown, there of course still is the Classifieds section with My Adverts, My Renewals, My Wish List, New Advert options. At least this way, both aren't repeated. 
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    SC36DC reacted to Admin 1 in Videos Support   
    I’m all set now SC36DC, thanks for your guidance!
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    SC36DC reacted to InvisionHQ in Classifieds System   
    @SC36DC for notification issue. It's not a bug.

    Practically questions are comments then if you enable notification for "someone comments on something I follow" notification for questions works.
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