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    SC36DC got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Filter by First Letter of Topic Title   
    I have a section of my forum dedicated to actors/actresses of the movie genre my forum is based on, so using this in just that section really helps to get to a particular person very easily, instead of just having to keep clicking next to find a particular person. Love it! Thanks for making this.
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    SC36DC reacted to RMweb in Followed Content   
    This was a feature I had on 3.4 and was much-missed by our site users. Adriano built this up for us and it does exactly what I wanted it to with no problems in the install or set-up at all. Works a dream!
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    SC36DC reacted to GTAPoliceMods in Raffles System   
    Yikes been using this for almost a year now and forgot to review it! 
    This is by far one of my favorite apps to use. No bugs, no issues and works like a charm. If you are trying to build your community or even give back to your members this is a must have.
    Thank you Adriano for making this!
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    SC36DC reacted to Nebthtet in External Links Rich Embed   
    To begin with - IMO this functionality should be a part of the base package so it's wonderful that the author seen this need and created a splendid solution.
    This plugin is highly configurable (you can tweak parameters of rich embeds if you wish, not only pick between "big" or "small" embed which is a considerable asset for me) and makes using the community easier for lazier users. Let's be honest, most people won't "waste" time to make links they paste look more attractive - they just paste them and are done. With this installed instead of unsightly long link we get a nice snippet in the post. 
    Since I've started using this plugin we had one problem that prevented links from being converted - the users started to PM me about that (so the feature is noticed and liked). The author reacted quickly and solved the issue promptly - that's a huge plus.
    To sum it up - money well spent, makes the community attractive, users like it.
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    SC36DC got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Raffles System   
    Amazing plugin to help promote activity on your forum. I am using it for Giveaways only, to entice people to join the forum and be active. The support has been immediate and direct. Thanks Adriano for your incredible work on this.

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    SC36DC got a reaction from onlyME in (BIM) Chatbox FREE   
    Great app, works as advertised. Is it possible to change the sound of the notification alert?
    Thank you for creating this plugin.
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    SC36DC got a reaction from Michael.J in Donate Sidebar   
    The actual plugin works great. At first I thought the Status Bar wasn't working, I didn't realize I had to enter the donated amount manually to get the status to show on the front end.

    Thanks for making this available for free. 
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    SC36DC reacted to Ivo Pereira in (BIM) Chatbox FREE   
    This app seems great!
    Would it be possible for you to add the possibility of adding the list of chat active users on the right (could be turned off)? If so, that would be awesome!
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