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Entry Comments posted by TDBF

  1. It's a shame that Gibson kills everything that it touches! Thankfully, Cakewalk Sonar was rescued by Bandlab and is is now free to download (Sonar is my DAW of choice).

    Gibson's guitars are a shadow of what they used since the 90's and I wouldn't choose either a Les Paul or a SG as my main unless it was from the 1960's.

  2. 5 hours ago, Mr 13 said:

    You can do this since 3.X (at least) actually. In 4.X this option is hidden under "Insert other media" button.


    Cheers, I already know about this, but the images uploaded are not available to other members or groups of my choice.

    There is already a Media manager in CMS which could (if given a bit more TLC) allow groups or members with permission to upload images, which then could be reused in CMS and other applications such as Calendar etc. At the moment I have a group of writers uploading duplicate images for Articles/Blogs/News and Promotions etc because they don't want to use their own personal image upload space.

  3. With all due respect, but if you guys told us that you would be introducing a media manager where we could reuse images for articles etc, then I would be inclined to get a bit more excited.

    God knows how much server space I have wasted uploading the same images over and over again, when I could have uploaded it once and reused it over and over again.

  4. File & Image manager integrated into the CKEditor, to allow the reuse of images and files straight from the server without uploading the same image time and time again (Save server space for us poor people).

    Also, fix CMS blocks placements. So we can place a block on an Article page without it also showing up on the category page etc. This makes CMS unworkable for us an Article website.

    Please, thank you :)

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