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  1. I changed the name from Tutorials to something else. I'm able to do it on the translation admin cp, but I don't know how to change the url here is what is showing on my address bar when I access my 'Tutorials' page /index.php?/tutorials/ how do I also change the word tutorials in the URL?
  2. Requested for custom features from his Donation addon. Said he could do it. Got it done in the end and I'm happy with the custom work. Only criticism is that he does take a while to respond back to messages, but all in all great developer
  3. like so? (allow to take feed from multiple sites)
  4. newbie LAC Could you allow for multiple feed links next update?
  5. anyway to fix this overlapping issue? If the category name is too long, it overlaps with the # of tutorials in that category see image
  6. Is there a way to redirect tutorials (under certain category) to another site? I guess that will have to do
  7. New feature: allow tutorials to be redirect link...just like in forums
  8. Thanks and I do, it's just that I didn't know which one it was
  9. Yes that's the one. How about this?
  10. Which part in the Localization>Languages due I go to to change the word 'Tutorials' shown in the breadcrumbs ??
  11. I do have Pages but I'm so illiterate when it comes to this that I even had to ask someone to set it up for me and all that alright will do thanks
  12. yeah that seems like an easier alternative thanks
  13. Default on app, no... Because it already displays cats on navigation bar. If you want to do on your own, you need to create one php file for each tab and place them on applications/tutorials/extensions/core/frontNavigation folder. First off went to ACP>Customizations>Localizations>Languages and changed from Tutorials to Tutorials 1 to prevent confusion then Made a backup then Went to file manager then located Tutorials.php @ (applications/tutorials/extensions/core/frontNavigation/Tutorials.php) Now do I simply copy that Tutorials.php and paste it on the same location? (so I'll have 2
  14. Adriano Can this have the ability to have additional Tutorials? If so how?
  15. Is it possible to designate/assign specific members to specific categories? meaning only that assigned member is able to make posts on that specific category, aside from admins and mods of course I know I can just solve this by creating multiple member-groups but more options the better ok guess I'll just have to create separate member groups
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