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    Core4D got a reaction from ReyDev in Hotspot Image [Support Topic]   
    This is a big issue right now and should be implemented asap because it makes plugin kind of useless. Works better with Clubs for my user case. Otherwise, great app, strong 4 starts, as soon as they implement visibility restrictions 5 starts for sure. 🙂
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    Core4D reacted to kmk in Hotspot Image [Support Topic]   
    I have one Hotspot widget added into a subforum, but it can be see in all forums and Subforums... 
    1. Could you add ability to restrict the visibility of that widget? It just need to be seen in on subforum. Example, add urls what I want to showcase. 
    2. I just see one spot upload one image, could you add ability of multiple images each of them with their description? And positions changeable. 
    3. I would like Hotspot image can be inserted into a topic post content. 
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    Core4D got a reaction from xdrox in iAwards   
    Hey guys, I just purchased iAwards over Marketplace and everything went smooth until I tried to give award. This is the error message I am getting

    Also, I am on latest IPS update.
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    Core4D reacted to rebraf in Modern Gallery Homepage Support   
    Oh that doesn't look right at all...
    Send me a PM with an admin login for your site so I can take a closer look. 🙂 
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    Core4D reacted to V0RT3X666 in Modern Gallery Homepage Support   
    Looks like this, just bigger 

    That's Pages but should be possible with Gallery images too. Pretty swamped at the moment, but maybe I find some time next weekend.
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    Core4D reacted to Gabriel Torres in Global best answer/solved setting   
    Hi there!
    With the new 4.5 series, we have a new functionality, "set best answer/solved".
    However, if moderators are configured to moderate only certain forums, they will only be able to set a post as best answer/solved if the topic is in the forums they are listed as moderators.
    IMHO, it is missing a setting to allow moderators to set post as best answer/solved in all forums.
    Therefore, I think that in the moderator settings, it is missing an option under the 'Content' tab to allow this.
    For example, under the 'Content' tab we have the 'Can enable/disable moderation on all content?'. With this option enabled, the moderator can enable/disable moderation in all topics. With this setting disabled, a new option shows up in the 'Forums' tab, 'Can enable/disable moderation on topics?'.
    Following the same idea, in the 'Content' tab I think we should have a new option:
    'Can set best answer/solved on all content?'
    With this option enabled, the moderator would be able to set posts as best answer/solved in all forums.
    With this option disabled, only then the current option 'Can set best answer/solved for questions and topics?' would show up in the 'Forums' tab.
    I honestly think this was an oversight from your team! 🙂
    Thank you in advance.
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    Core4D reacted to Fosters in Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic   
    Yes, this will be possible with the upcoming release for 4.5 which will be released next monday. 
    I'm confused by your quote?!
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    Core4D reacted to Adriano Faria in Clubs Card on Forums Index   
    Just installed the marketplace version and works fine in

    No error. It doesn't has Javascript so you probably have to run the support tool on ACP to rebuild cache (ACP -> System -> Support).
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    Core4D reacted to AlexKERNEL in Settings for limit of leaders & moderators in club   
    I'm not working with blogs. This topic is not about that.
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    Core4D reacted to AlexKERNEL in Settings for limit of leaders & moderators in club   
    My fast-fix in view.php for use-case for my community:
    /** * Make a member a leader * * @return void */ /*...cut...*/ /* MAX Leaders 2 */ $leaders = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'member_id', 'core_clubs_memberships', array( 'club_id=? AND status=?', $this->club->id, \IPS\Member\Club::STATUS_LEADER)); if(count($leaders) > 2){ \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'no_module_permission', 'LEADERS/LIMIT', 403, '' ); } /*...cut...*/ /** * Make a member a moderator * * @return void */ /*...cut...*/ /* MAX Moderators 4 */ $moderators = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'member_id', 'core_clubs_memberships', array( 'club_id=? AND status=?', $this->club->id, \IPS\Member\Club::STATUS_MODERATOR)); if(count($moderators) > 4){ \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'no_module_permission', 'MODERATORS/LIMIT', 403, '' ); } I hope that in the next version, there will be a setting for Administrators in Admin panel where we can limit the number of leaders and moderators for the club through the UI.
    PS: If thinking logically, Everyone understands that if 1000 users in the club, 500 can be leaders, and 500 moderators. It's a mess.
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    Core4D got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Settings for limit of leaders & moderators in club   
    Which I own, thank you...I know I saw it somewhere but I totally forgot where that setting was!
    Thanks a lot!
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    Core4D reacted to TheJackal84 in (DF42) Advanced Multi-Tool (Support topic)   
    you can send me admin login if you want and I will check it
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    Core4D reacted to Adriano Faria in Clubs Enhancements   
    You need to use the MOVE moderation action. 
    No, it adds a new feature. 
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    Core4D reacted to Sonya* in What would be best hosting option for IPS 4?   
    As far as I know, IPs doesn't allow clients to recommend any third-party hosting, since they offer a "Community in the Cloud" solution. 
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    Core4D reacted to Gabriel Torres in Mark as Solved   
    One of the greatest features we had on 3.4.x was the "Mark as solved". Basically a button that the topic author or a moderator could click to mark which post solved the issue, highlighting this post. Additionally, I wanted a special badge to show up on the topic and list of topics indicating that the problem was solved.
    However, 4.1.x doesn't have this feature, unless you configure the forum to be a Q&A forum, which I don't want.
    Is there a way to incorporate this functionality back in future versions? Is there any plugin/app to do that?
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    Core4D reacted to -RAW- in iAwards   
    Working on this.
    Have updated the file again, please try again and let me know if the issue above is fixed.
    Bahh download again...
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    Core4D reacted to BN_IT_Support in Global Header Message   
    Thank you.  At the moment the left, centre and right is only for the 'custom' setting.  Your screenshot looks like one of the standard IPS styles which are always left or right aligned depending on your language direction.
    This was an exercise for me to start learning the framework and, to ape a well known phrase, right now 'what you see is what I know'!  I agree though and will have a look.
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    Core4D reacted to RevengeFNF in I was really disappointed   
    The experience that i have is that people who disappoints very easily with IPS, they will also be disappointed with others platforms.
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    Core4D reacted to 不中用 in Customizable Post Feed Widget - Limit the preview text?   
    Customization > go to your theme " Edit HTML and CSS " ..
    Templates >
    Forums > Front > Widgets > postFeed >
    use your browser text search for  " data-ipstruncate-size "
    data-ipsTruncate-size='{{if $orientation == 'vertical'}}6 lines{{else}}2 lines{{endif}}'>  
    You will see something like that .. you want to change 6 lines to your desired amount .. I guess 2 will do ( this will give you 1 line of post text, if 3 then 2 lines of post text, etc .. )

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    Core4D reacted to Marius in New Google ADs thingy, where to put code?   
    System>Site Promotion>Advertisements
    You can add a new advertisement by clicking on the "Create new" button.
    Once you have added your advertisement code, you can then chose the location and permissions for your advert. 
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    Core4D got a reaction from Jim M in Unable to upgrade to 4.1.4   
    Thanks Jim, really didnt know about it. Usually problems was solved quickly. 
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    Core4D reacted to MADMAN32395 in Unable to upgrade to 4.1.4   
    visit https://www.invisionpower.com/clients/index.php ; then goto purchases, download the suite for your website, then upload it. Once its uploaded, visit http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/admin/upgrade  ; its just a manual update, which also grabs missing files as well.
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    Core4D got a reaction from MADMAN32395 in Unable to upgrade to 4.1.4   
    It went smooth @MADMAN32395, thanks once again.
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    Core4D got a reaction from MADMAN32395 in Unable to upgrade to 4.1.4   
    Thank you, I am on it as we speak. Wish me good luck.
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    Core4D reacted to Tom S. in Unable to change block color!   
    Simple css edits can achieve what you are after. You may need to convert your theme to manual mode however.
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