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    Core4D reacted to Jordan Invision in Drum roll please… announcing Achievements!   
    Loving the conversation and replies we got going on in this post! 👏 
    We're working on implementing some of the feedback suggested :] 
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    Core4D got a reaction from Jordan Invision in Drum roll please… announcing Achievements!   
    Finally!!!!! ❤️ 
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    Core4D got a reaction from sobrenome in Anonymous Posting   
    OH man, this could also be abused so much! 😄 But I hope it will not go that way...
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    Core4D reacted to ABGenc in Invision Community 4.2   
    And from now on invisionpower.com is running on 4.2  Great job
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    Core4D reacted to ResPecT My Authoritah in Update on Invision Community 4.2   
    Man i thought this was going to be released... on monday
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    Core4D reacted to Netherlord in Invision Community 4.2   
    I'm prepared
    Oh and in color because I wanted to see what they looked like
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    Core4D reacted to Simon Woods in New: Richer Embeds   
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    Core4D got a reaction from SammyS in New: Commerce Improvements   
    Great stuff! Now, would it be possible you guys implement something that can allow our members to be part of the selling community?! 
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    Core4D reacted to Charles in New in 4.1.13: Personal Messenger Improvements   
    Posting a comment on a news article is not the best way to get help feel free to submit a support ticket and we would be happy to assist you.
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