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  1. Core4D


    @Morrigan The newest one! Everything is updated to new version, PHP and all those stuff.
  2. Core4D


    An Error I get when running a support.
  3. Core4D


    Cant sign in to forum and dont getting email password reset! Any idea why? Cheers, Igor
  4. Thanks @Edward Shephard for explaining this. Arigato, Igor
  5. Hi Edward, really nice plugin, thank you. Once note tho, for some reason Left,Centre and Right options doesn't work. My text is always on the left regardless what I do, any idea what could be a problem? Regards, Igor
  6. Ok guys, I am clueless where to ask this, but here I am, so sorry if I missed real forum for this. My question is, is it possible to make a widget where we would have all latest topics, but only unanswered ones? Regards, Igor
    Its nice, but could be added more useful features like deleteing members directly from that list!
  7. Thanks @Marius, but as it seams, thats not the case for this one. I know how to work with advertising and other Google ADS. This is something new just for mobile phones and I dont have a clue where to put this code to actually work. Regards, Igor
  8. Hi fellow IPS users, anyone know where do I need to put code to have this enabled for the site? Thanks for help! Regards, Igor
  9. Check iAwards. I think you will be happy with that. Igor
  10. 100% agreed! Thanks once again.
  11. Thanks Jim, really didnt know about it. Usually problems was solved quickly. Regards, Igor
  12. No I didn't, did know its required. What should I do, make new one with Critical Status?
  13. I did that! Two times already as I am offline for quite some time now.
  14. Yes, I managed to run upgrade but suddenly everything stoped. (could be my internet got disconnected for a few minutes) After I tryed to refresh upgrade page, I couldn't do anything anymore.
  15. At this point I can only access to admin panel, but its messed up to. (check attachment)
  16. @MADMAN32395, I need some help if you are able to help. I would be very thankful because at this point I dont have a clue what to do. I cant access to upgrade page. Every upgrade run smoothly until today. Any suggestions? :/ Kind regards, Igor
  17. @olegm, are you referring to PHP or the speed? Igor
  18. Guys thanks for help, I must admit new update provide greatly enchantment in speed, amazing. Keep up the good work. Only thing I do not know where to even star is how to upgrade PHP. Will I be forced in the future to upgrade it? Regards, Igor
  19. It went smooth @MADMAN32395, thanks once again. Igor
  20. Thank you, I am on it as we speak. Wish me good luck. Regards, Igor
  21. HI @MADMAN32395 thanks for reply. I am not sure what do you mean by re-uploading full suite? We had so many problems uploading, upgrading that I am to scared to do anything big. I upgraded yesterday and everything goes great and today when I woke up suddenly upgrading dose not work. I just don't get it. It's pain in the bu* specially when you are not sure will the upgrade mess up with the custom themes. I had to redo my themes few times and its painful. I noticed that those are Nexus folder that I don't use for my forum, so would it wise to just delete that folder from the server? Please take into account this is not my field of expertise. Kind regards, Igor
  22. Have problems upgrading, any idea?! (see attachemnt) When I press continue, nothing happens. Kind regards, Igor
  23. What about this guys? Haveing problems upgrading too. (see attachemnt) When I press continue, nothing happens. Kind regards, Igor
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