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    Nice, simple and super useful! Thanks 🙂
  1. Cool and all but wasted time. So much more to do like Gallery improvements etc. ah, maybe next time...
    Awesome themes with awesome features. Also, TAMAN is always ready to help if he can. Great thing when you need a support! 🙂
    ****** I just gave this guy a 6, but he even deserves more, why becasue he is a prime example how do you run your support. Sometimes I feel sorry for him as he is well known guy but he never refuse to help, no matter how much you f*** up, like I did few times. He would always jump in and fix things and for that I am forever loyal customer and supporter. I just wish I have more $ so I can simply give it to him. But not only his support is great, his plugins are pure awesomnes especially in conbination. Amazing fella, amaizing creator and I wish all the best to him in future. RESPECT
    Works as advertised, however one can't set post count to 1 meaning only original post is shown to guests. This means one reply post is always visible which is unwanted in our case. EDIT: Really nice reaction from creator, responded within minutes and refused to take additional payment to make the modification!
  2. Guys, is there a way to convert or transfer Blog's to Club's Blog's?
  3. Which I own, thank you...I know I saw it somewhere but I totally forgot where that setting was! Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi Alex are you maybe familiar with the setting where I can limit number of clubs one member can have? I know I saw it somewhere but I simply cant find it! Any help is appriciated! Cheers, Igor
    Great app, great support. I even got more than I asked! Thanks Jackal
  5. Thanks for the fast reply, really appreciated, but still, I cant change text, I screw up something and now I am stuck...not sure what else I can do!
  6. Hi I just purchased a plugin and cant figure out how to change FONT for all user, can you please help!? Regards, Igor
  7. Great work Adriano, but how can I and can I convert only one TOPIC into Club? :/ I assumed that is possible but I don't see how to do it...I would appreciate any help. Regards, Igor EDIT 1: I was able to convert testing FORUM (this is workaround for converting just one topic, basically what I need to do is to make new forum and then MOVE topic I want to convert into that forum and that should do the job) but, I would expect that topics from the forums go to Club TOPICS and not newly added tab, which I can't delete once I decide to MOVE topics from there too Club TOPIC tab... http:/
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