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  1. Ah, I meant showing the title above your block section. I assume I have to add some CSS or something. I have no titles for my block sections. Anyways, thanks for your help!
  2. Ahhh..okay. Sorry, still new to pages. That makes sense I guess. Is there any way to give the Blocks sections with your plugin a visible title? I want to have different blocks for different categories of my database.
  3. Okay, I understand the image part.. But will I always have to have a Database & a Block on the same page in order to get the Block to show? Something seems buggy although I think it may be with the way IPB works rather than your plugin. Thanks. I just want the blocks only to show...
  4. Hi Taman, For some reason, I can get the articles to show when I use it as a Block. I have to have a Database AND the Block added to the page. Otherwise it just disappears. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Also, for some reason, the images aren't clickable.
  5. Shoots. Guess this doesn't work for groups, too, huh? Nice work though.
  6. Hi, How do you install this? There's no XML file? Thanks.
  7. Okay...will PM you. Thank you. Message Sent. Thanks.
  8. I get a 500 internal server error when trying to install. I haven't had a problem with other plugins so far. Thank you for you quick response.
  9. I would pay for this, as my solution I mentioned previously didn't work. The plugin was outdated for the current version of IPB and threw an error when I tried to install it. Please let me know if you do as I will purchase it immediately.
  10. I just purchased this and get an error when trying to install. Is this not supported for the latest IPB?
  11. Would you be able to write one that did work for Pages? I think it could be really useful for those of us who need a little more customization than what the stock forum provides? I'd definitely purchase it. I need additional fields like Location & Text boxes added to my forum posts for it to work how I want it to do. EDIT: Nevermind...I think I found a plugin that lets you add custom fields to forums. That will work in conjunction with your plugin. Thanks so much for the excellent work. Appreciate it! EDIT2: Urgh...didn't work. Plugin was outdated for latest version and threw an error!
  12. Hi, is there any way to get this to work for Page databases?
  13. I understand...it's a bit unfortunate that we don't get more help though from the company. I understand that you only offer technical support primarily for non-modification questions, but when you barely have any documentation (which is getting better) on how to customize or even use pages, then it makes it difficult for the end-user.
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