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  1. Nice to see a little bit of movement on this after a couple years lol :D
  2. Currently running a Wordpress site for our podcast that creates the rss feed for iTunes to pick up. The actual mp3's are hosting through a podcasting host so I won't be changing that. What I would like to find out if IPB can be capable to take over for the rss feed creation for podcasts? If not I would just keep the Wordpress and have IPB be the community aspect. Eventually I'm wanting to have everything under IPB and have different podcast shows set up as clubs within IPB.
  3. Trying to get this to work without much success. Installed everything fine and set the permissions up as I would like them to be, the issue is when trying to link an account the page reloads but nothing has changed. The account hasn't been linked and nothing has changed. Using the latest IPS 4.2.6 and Linked Accounts 3.0.7
  4. Thank you for doing this and updating it and supporting this addon
  5. Thank you and I've added this back on my board. Works as advertised and have sent that my original review be edited to add the new findings that have helped.
  6. Guessing there isn't going to be a solution to the problem? Oh well, back to the drawing board to find a way to gets something similar to what this was purported to be.
  7. Installed the plugin but when following the instructions I'm unable to find the settings for it.
  8. Is there a way to change the icons on the forum index for collab's?
  9. 4.1.2 seems to have fixed the forum creation issue along with the support problem. I wasn't trying to remove the theme. I still have issues with the site crashing into a 500 error when trying to go into the all activity stream. Sent in a ticket as I was experiencing the same issue with trying to go into the menu manager as well. Maybe I should just either wait or see if the same problems occur with a fresh install. :|
  10. Finding after having upgrading to 4.1.1 that I'm unable to create any new categories or discussions. Keep receiving the EX4096 Something went wrong. Please try again. but now when viewing the forum listing within the ACP, I have multiple sections as if they were created anyway. I tried to go through support and it went to step 2 no problem, got to the section where it had disable apps and plugins, now I'm receiving this error 2S162/1 You cannot delete your default theme I'm unable to get past this to even send in a ticket and now the site is throwing up a 500 error.
  11. No other problems with the other groups that I had created, was only that one.Current IPS and tried Firefox and Chrome. Another question is in how to change the fa icons in the index for collabs?
  12. Just noticed in when trying to upload a photo for the header background, the options are not showing.
  13. Looking into a way for having one of our other forum users to login to our current IPB forum, the other forum uses Xenforo. So far I'm not seeing a way to do so.
  14. Have a question on thi, wouldn't one member be able to link to someone else's account and post as them? Member 1 links to Member 2 or Member 1 links to another account they create?
  15. After uninstalling and reinstalling the cms app everything appears to be working.
  16. Have been enjoying and building a new project with the IPS Suite over the past few days. Decided in getting IP.Content today in which several issues have come up. After purchase had a tough time in figuring out how to actually install it. Found an older thread that had someone going through the same issue. Following the advice given I downloaded files from client area and uploaded the cms folder into applications. Install went fine, no problems but now when trying to create a new database I'm met with this error Receiving it in blocks, templates and when trying to view the example articles.html. Also there are entries in the system log with the following 2015_07_12_template_store_missing.php TEMPLATE_STORE_MISSING Am I missing some files or haven't done something right?
  17. Hi, new to IPS and trying to install your add-on into my forum but having a hard time understanding the instructions. I uploaded the contents of the uploads folder into the admin folder of my server. Unfortunately I can not see where it would come up as apps not installed.
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