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  1. I can't mark your post as the answer, but you just helped me understanding IPB a little bit better, thank you! Really, Thank you!
  2. Ah, so that could affect it, we are using a custom theme. I will test some diffrent themes once I get home and alt see if there is any update for our current one. Will report back, thank you!
  3. Well, almost. I discoverd that it opens the news in the block Database. But now comes the problem, I don´t want the Database block visable on the front page :s And the image comes next to the text which kind of makes it ugly..
  4. Hello, Seems we have gotten some issues with Databases and records, as you can see on our website there are news with images. Nothing happens when you press one of the news, its starts to reload the page and then nothing. You are back on the front page, HOWEVER the URL is changed to the correct seemingly correct one. Ive doublechecked the permissions on both the catergory and record but guest should have full read access :s No ticket is created yet. Website: asgardgaming.se ServerLocation: Using Gateway file asgardgaming.se/portal/ Block: Cube-y grid view for your news! Theme: Chameleon Dark by IP.Focus IPB Version: Latest, updated today but no change Anyone know any tip were to start?
  5. Hello guys, We wonder if there is a way to only allow a certain group to view a blog. We are an organization and thus have some news we only want our real members to be able to see. However the only restricting option i can see is to only allow certain members to view the blog but no options for groups? have I missed something? //Asgard Gaming
  6. Thank you but no success :-( I had a look again, it said UTF8 and when I change it to utf8_bin it gives me this message: But also note that Å Ä Ö looks fine in IPB 3, but only after upgrading to it get wierd.
  7. Hello, We have an old phpBB board that we want to dump and convert over to IPB 4. So we have had a HUGE amount of issues on the way, one wich involve Collation. Important Note: We are Swedish and thus write mostly in Swedish on our board. So what we need to do is first install IPB 3.4.8, Convert phpBB into IPB 3, and then upgrade it to IPB 4. At the upgrade part it dose NOT ask to convert database and somehow ALL Swedish special letters like Å Ä Ö gets ed up, as seen below. Now, the phpBB is in utf8_bin and when I install IPB 3 its done in utf8_unicode_ci. And it works, no errors or even wierd letter replacements for Å Ä Ö. But as soon as I upgrade to 4.0.11/12/12.1 it gets ed up again. Ive read around a little but no one seems to have the exact same problem as me? Have I missed it, Is there a solution to this faeces? //Alexander @ Asgard Gaming
  8. Hello guys, I recently had an issue where my converted and upgraded IP board 4 would´t allow me to changes pages. And since the Tier II support took too ling time I decided to just redo the whole thing.. So upon installation of 3.4 it starts with an failure with the error code and message as follow below, does anyone know what this is about? I read somewhere that a NEW database was the answer but this is not possible since I got the old LIVE forum active on that same database. Ive sent a support ticket too as we need help with this fast but wanted to try my luck here too... mySQL query error: CREATE TABLE IPB_backup_vars ( backup_var_key VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', backup_var_value TEXT, PRIMARY KEY (backup_var_key) ) ENGINE=MyISAM; SQL error: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes SQL error code: 1071 Date: Tuesday 04th August 2015 08:35:26 AM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2015 08:35:26 +0000 Error: 1071 - Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes IP Address: - /portal/admin/install/index.php?app=install§ion=install&do=sql ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: CREATE TABLE IPB_backup_vars ( backup_var_key VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', backup_var_value TEXT, PRIMARY KEY (backup_var_key) ) ENGINE=MyISAM; .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. | File | Function | Line No. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------| | admin/setup/applications/install/sections/install.php | [install_install].install_sql | 89 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | admin/setup/sources/base/ipsController_setup.php | [install_install].doExecute | 258 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------'
  9. ok, Tier II support? Thing is, they haven't touched my case, and I firstly reported my problem last week by my ticket was never created due to reason I cannot tell so they have had my case since Saturday. And since they haven´t touched the support account they received I know that they are not working on my case. Which dose not bother me but rather rings the bell that going with support to solve my issue is not the right way ATM. For me its better to just redo all the work and start all over again since the "expiration date" is way passed Thank you guys,
  10. Hello, Quick question, how long should I expect to wait for an response from "Tier II Support - IPS4" . I was told that my ticket would be escalated to tier II support and heard nothing since. Thing is i've got an board converted from phpBB -> IPB3.4 -> upgraded to 4.x.x.x that is not yet complete, its not in PROD hence why I am not tagging my support ticket as critical. The "expiration date" is kind of passed as the "old" in use forum has now has too much new content not included in the conversion. Bottom line question, is this normal with days without response from tier II? NOTE: This is not a complaint.
  11. haha, ok, happens to everyone. I found it and have now sent one request and am now waiting for response Well, I have cleared caches via both the inbuilt support feature that does that for you once and emptying the caches folder. And still the same problem. Thing is, ive tried it over atleast 3 different computers on 3 different locations (work, home and 4G) and even on these with atleast 3 different web browsers (Chrome, IE(11,10) and FF). It feels like its tied to the latest update, its after the .11 that I noticed this problem. Also I get the feeling its not really saving the changes upon pressing "Finish editing".
  12. I thank you, its weird that I missed that. Hopefully one of few future humane errors by me But on that note, its empty, the support ticket that I sent from our IPB is not there(?) The support tickets sent from the IPBs support feature should go there, no?
  13. no one knows? And no response on the support ticket, where do i even find the support tickets?
  14. Hello, Fairly new to IPB but I love it already. I am currently setting up a forum for my gaming community, so the site itself is not LIVE and is in offline mode. I have this problem that the page builder dose not save when I remove blocks, even though to looks fine right after pressing "finish editing". But after a F5 the removed blocks are still there. Edit pageremove blocksFinish Editingeverything looks good, removed blocks are goneF5 or change browserchanges is not saved and blocks are still thereIve tried the built in support feature that disabled the theme and even tried to disable the only two plugins I got; Total Time Spent Online and Header Image by IPS Themes. But the same problem remains, the pages wont save removed blocks Notes: Tried with different browsers and computers, Win 8+10 (IE, FF n Chrome)When i create a new page the blocks that I cannot remove are already thereTested without the theme or plugins activated via the support feature.Changes to other blocks like text or alike IS SAVED.The same blocks that wont be removed are being used on the default page that i use as start page.Board is latest version + Theme is the latest version.(!)Some times when I removed the blocks and return to the page builder there are sometimes two of the unremovable blocks as if they been added twice.I have sent a support ticket but I don't know where I can change/add/view it, so its incomplete. Any tips where I can start looking?
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