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  1. I´m really not a fan of the messenger myself, neither are my users. Hope to see the messenger reworked pretty soon because how it works right now renders it completely useless.
  2. When you sign up for a repeated calender event you sign up for all the events. So in order to prevent this you have to create each calender entry separately to give the users the ability to sign up for each individual event. Hope you can understand what I´m trying to say. Is this behavior really intended or am I doing something wrong?
  3. With "they" you´re referring to me and Jeff Mack? I´m running IPS and Group Collab 1.1.8.
  4. The editor right now is pretty useless, you can´t reformat a post once you´ve submitted it because the sourcode is way to much HTML gibberish for normal users.
  5. Wouldn´t this affect the admin as well? Sorry if this question is dumb, I´m not that fit with all this MySQL stuff.
  6. Recounting the posts of a member/all members doesn´t work. The postcount stays at zero. Running IPS with the following plugins: Group CollaborationAutomation Rules LiteTXT&PHP WidgetLike This Icon Changer
  7. I´m running the following plugins: Group CollaborationAutomation Rules LiteTXT&PHP WidgetLike This Icon Changer
  8. Same problem here, as admin it works but none of my users can view the followed content.
  9. Thanks Kevin! My thoughtprocess was way to complicated to see this solution.
  10. I love this plugin, awesome work Kevin! I´m new to the whole IP world so please forgive me this probably stupid question: Is there a way to bind the collab creation to member posts, so only if a member has more than x posts he can create a collab?
  11. After rebuilding the posts for the tenth time the BBcodes are working now, but the attachments are still broken.
  12. Hey all, I successfully converted my WBB3.1 board via IPB 3.4.8 to IP Community Suite 4 but all the BBCodes and attachments are broken. Instead of the proper formatted posts with interpreted BBCodes and attachments it only shows them as code. Is there any automated way to fix this? My board has ~10.000 posts so it needs to be automated. Example-Screen as attachment.
  13. Quickly searched the topic but couldn´t find anything related. My antivirus throws a warning: PHP:Agent-UM [Trj] Uploaded it to virustotal and only two AVs found something, the other 50 say it´s clean. So it´s deffo a false positive, just wanted to let you know.
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