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  1. At the time there wasn't, but I fixed it. The issue was my fault in not allowing guests to access the donation system.
  2. Edit: Paypal IPN is giving this error: http://imgur.com/JT8m77O
  3. Hi @Mike John, I recently purchased the plugin as of yesterday, but I'm having some issues with it. I've following the tutorial and believe that it's installed correctly; however, once a user donates through the plugin, their donation is not showing up. The donation still goes through, and the money is deposited on the paypal, but it's not logged in the donation tracker itself. What should I do to remedy this issue? Thank you, Nick.
  4. Hi everyone, I've ran into some troubles. Anywhere that there is java-script of CSS on the webpage is failing to load properly. Upon inspecting the issue farther, I've realized that the person is because the images are being pulled like this: <link rel='stylesheet' href='https://pxg.me/https://pxg.me/uploads/css_built_1/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.b7a64409a61c9f3ac310b5d9de28fcee.css?v=5a2301238b' media='all'>Rather than like this: <link rel='stylesheet' href='https://pxg.me/uploads/css_built_1/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.b7a64409a61c9f3ac310b5d9de28fcee.css?v=5a2301238b' media='all'>Any help would be greatly appreciated, The faster the better, SOLVED FOR ANYONE ELSE HAVING THE SAME ISSUE: GO OT FILES > STORAGE SETTINGS > DELETE THE URL AND SIMPLY HAVE FILE DIRECTORY. I.E - /uploads
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